Monday, December 2, 2013

Oh, hey

Well, you may have noticed I essentially disappeared for several days.

My parents fly in every year for Thanksgiving, and I got so wrapped up in enjoying the weekend that I really hardly took any photos of it. I will say that I am immensely glad that one of the photos I did manage to get was of the delicious banana pudding my mother-in-law made for dessert.

It was a good weekend, all of it, every inch.

Thursday we picked up my parents at the airport and drove straight to Thanksgiving lunch. Food, Food, 'n More Food, surrounded by my awesome in-laws. SO MUCH FOOD. I made two stuffings - the oyster stuffing from Real Simple's 10 Ways to do Stuffing a couple of years ago, and a Chestnut Apple Stuffing out of the Williams-Sonoma Thanksgiving catalogue. It... seems to have been popular. There was also broccoli-cheese casserole, a sweet potato dish, other food... honestly the clearest memory I have is of the banana pudding, though.

That and the pumpkin cheesecake.

Which I may or may not have eaten alongside the banana pudding.

I admit nothing.

Friday my parents and I wandered Greenville's downtown while Jason worked. I stopped by Mast General and Southern Fried Cotton to look for ideas for Christmas. We grabbed beef jerky from the new jerky place; super excited to try all of it, especially the buffalo jerky - I am a giant dorky beef jerky fan. We even grabbed some popcorn from Poppington's. Locals - my favorites are the Greenville mix (two kinds of cheese + caramel) and the jalapeno & white cheddar blend. Those are the BEST. Except maybe for the others, which are also good. I will selfishly eat all of both bags and then make Jason buy more if he wants to eat any.

Mine is an evil laugh.

Saturday, we drove up to Asheville, North Carolina and did something super cool -

We met up with my childhood best friend and mind-meld partner Rikki, for the first time in something like seven years!

That's... actually a really old photo, on the left. I just like that we never stopped being adorable.

That's a scarf Rikki made that I'm wearing, by the way. It is super awesome.

We met Rikki at Early Girl Eatery for lunch, a place that I knew was popular, but I didn't realize how much. We waited an hour to be seated, but it was definitely worth the wait. I had a great catfish sandwich (Jason had one too) with fried eggplant on the side, Rikki had a tofu scramble that I was definitely eyeballing for next time, my dad had the meatloaf, and Mom a tempeh reuben. Seriously. Try that place. (Only make sure you put in your names with plenty of time to wait without being so hungry you eat your own arm).

Because it was Small Business Saturday, I made a point of purchasing a couple of items - I snagged a book on the Vanderbilt family's fall from fortune and Sarah Bessey's new book from Malaprop's (my favorite bookstore of all time, just puttin' that out there), got a pretty art print (not this one, but the same artist) from ZaPow Gallery, and Jason bought beautiful cutting boards that are really more serving boards, they're so lovely, at the Woolworth Walk.

Finally, we had to bid farewell to Rikki and to Asheville (although not for nearly as long this time - that's a promise) and head back to Greenville.

Sunday was a little more leisurely; we were able to hang out at the house, took Mom and Dad on a walk around Furman's lake with the dog. Had a great dinner at the Bavarian Pretzel Factory, which is rapidly becoming Jason and I's new favorite restaurant in town now that it's actually near enough to be convenient for us to go eat there. Seriously, guys. German food.

You know it's going to be food when half the people eating are speaking German when you enter.

Today, Jason was back at work and Mom and Dad and I hung out for a while, had some lunch at Southern Culture (so I could send them off in true southern style!), and then I dropped them off at the airport.

I'm about to make soup for dinner, using the leftover oysters from my stuffing.

It's... less exciting now, with them gone.

On the other hand, the dog literally passed out three minutes after eating dinner, so maybe we could use the recuperation.

Less than a month until I set my feet back on flatland soil!


Hopefully I'll have recovered from Thanksgiving by then.

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