Monday, December 16, 2013

5 Things - The Cotton, Constellations, and Christmas-y Edition

1. This cotton boll wreath DIY, from Anne at On Sutton Place.

I saw a photo of a cotton boll wreath posted by Garden & Gun (which everyone knows is my all-time favorite literature-soaked-in-booze-and-blues magazine of the South) and got to thinking... I want to do that.

Not that I don't love our current wreath, which is a little bit more traditionally Christmas-y (and also very, very fake)... but I kinda like the idea of this white-flecked wreath instead.

Hers may have a little too much going on for me, too much in the way of sunflowers and color and such.

I may just want that fluffy white ring. Of course, that also makes me want to paint our front door a nice, deep brick red.

I want to paint everything brick red, lately.

Jason, can I paint our front door brick red?

You can find other DIY's on how to do it if you click the link-through to Garden & Gun's DIY (which also includes a tobacco wreath), or here at Cottage in the Oaks. 

There are lots of pretty prints in the shop, but this polar bear print caught my eye. I love the moody colors and the constellations themselves. Would love to have this hang on a wall in the guest room, right above the bed.

So pretty.

Also Ryan is based out of Chicago, Illinois, so let's show some home state love here.

3. Time Magazine names Pope Francis the Person of the Year.

I realize everybody else is already talking about this, or already has, and there's nothing new to say about it or anything. I'd still just like to go ahead and give a high-five to Pope Francis up there. You know the Pope is doing the right thing and saying what needs to be said when he's already being decried some kind of Marxist-Communist-Socialist-Fascist by political media (note, guys: you can't be all those things at once. Pick one name to call the guy and stick to it.)

Can't help it; I like this guy. I liked him from the start, and I like him more for shaking things up in a stagnant atmosphere of overwhelming luxury in a religion that claims to care most for the poor and downtrodden. He replaced the traditional Papal "throne" with a simple wooden chair. He refuses to drape himself in the gilded cloth his predecessors wore. He has fired officials who would not reign in their luxury. He's made the most important point of all; we miss for the forest for the trees when we argue so much over tiny details and don't realize there's this whole world of people out there who can, and should, speak to each other rather than shout.

Time's Person of the Year is always an interesting selection process to watch; it's not meant to be an honor, exactly. Remember that Adolf Hitler once graced Time's Person of the Year cover, and it wasn't because Time magazine admired him. Time looks to find people changing the world.

This time, at least, they found someone who appears to be changing things for the better. I definitely support that; so much that I went out and paid for a copy of the issue, which I don't usually do. I usually read old copies at my in-laws' house when we're over there. But I wanted to support this choice, so I bought it.

Well, and a National Geographic and Mother Earth Living magazine.

I need airport reading for next week.

Which reminds me; I'm leaving for Illinois in eight days!

Time to start freaking out!

4. My outfits have officially become Christmas themed. Someone help me.

This was last week. I'd turn it into a Tomboy Style post, but I managed to get some kind of thing under the lens on my camera, which we haven't quite figured out how to open up and clean yet. Once we do I can go back to regular photos, but until then we're stuck with this cell phone magic here.

I doooon't think the cell phone photos are quite good enough to carry a post on their own.

So here you go - shameless outfit-plugging in a Five Things post.

Don't hate me. I just love sweaters.

In Case You Want to Recreate This Mess:
Sweater: L.L. Bean, here.
Skinny jeans: Old Navy, old. .
Evil Boots: Target, here.
Scarf: Gift from my mother-in-law and her exceptionally awesome taste
Poinsettia Pin: JCPenny, ancient (had it since high school).


I don't even have anything to say about this except SHARK SLIPPERS. SHAAAAAARK.

One day you will be mine, slippers.

One day.

So will these.


  1. Christmas themed outfits? You don't need fashion help, I think it's pretty stellar! :)

    1. Haha, thank you! I appreciate that. I'm draggin' that sweater back to my parents' house in IL because I love it so much and South Carolina just doesn't give you enough excuses to wear nice heavy sweaters!

  2. Of course you like him! He's pretty nice, for a pope. He also looks like Jonathan Pryce. And anybody is an improvement on the last guy, who reminded me and probably all sane nerds of Emperor Palpatine.

    Anyway. Keep rocking the theme outfits! Ridiculously cute.

    1. Yeah, Benedict was gross in so many ways, and his resemblance to the Emperor WAS pretty uncanny. I like this Jesuit pope - but doesn't it show you exactly why the Cardigans were so reluctant to elect a Jesuit? You let one of them become Pope, they go around trying to improve the world and we can't have that.

      Aw, thanks!


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