Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You'd Find It in Your Hair For Weeks

So here's the problem with November; it leads to December.

December leads to Christmas.

It means I have two months (more like one and a half! Aaaaaugh!) to pull Christmas together and I have basically no lists from anybody yet, so I'm debating throwing our whole Christmas budget into a giant vat of glitter confetti to throw at people whenever I see them, as punishment for not giving me lists.

Besides which, isn't Christmas about bringing joy to the world?

Throwing sparkly confetti at people would definitely lead me to feel joyful.

So there you go.

I think I know what everyone gets for Christmas now.


  1. I started ordering shit for Gbear for Xmas back in early October. Partly because there's a markup on a lot of stuff on Ebay around the holidays, and partly because yeah, you blink and it's Christmas Eve.

    I have learned in the past few years to keep a document or email saved in my Google account where I write down any gift idea for any person that I think of AS SOON as I think of it. Because otherwise I'll just be staring at the Amazon homepage wondering wtf that idea was I had for my dad. Anyway. God speed.

    1. That's a really good idea; I think I often have trouble with suddenly having an "EUREKA!" moment when it comes to gifts and then promptly forgetting whatever the moment was.

      Maybe I'll just get them all candy bars. Everyone likes candy bars, right?


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