Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tomboy Style, of a Sort: It's LIKE Dressing Up

So, for our Christmas presents to each other Jason and I just pick out stuff we want, and then say 'thank you' when the order goes through whatever website each of us picks. It may not be the most romantic system, but for now it's working pretty well for us. I received a small bonus check from work and we decided to split some of it between us for our presents for each other.

So... I got some presents.

One of them being this jersey polka-dot skirt from Boden. I had ordered this gorgeous orange sweater to go with it, and when the sweater arrived there were some... issues.

1. It had giant voluminous upper-sleeves and very tight sleeves at the wrists.

2. It was also huge huge huge across the narrowest part of my waist, but then became prohibitively tight around my hips.

3. It was way, way thinner than I expected.

4. What had looked like effortless, slightly casual cool on the model looked like I had described a sweater I might like to an alien, over the phone, when said alien had never seen a human body before.

In short, I looked like a flying squirrel who didn't have enough fur to keep herself warm.

So, back the sweater went!

I kept the skirt, though, reasoning I had at least a couple of things I could convince myself to wear with it. I decided to test it out on church this morning. Also I think I was one of two people wearing a bright color at church. I felt like a peacock, and not in a good way.

Also also I was one of like four people under the age of 30 NOT there with parents. So there was a kind of errant-toddler-peacock thing happening.

I think that's kind of what I get for going to the 8:45 service, though. I think that's kind of a choice I made.

A sleepy, sleepy choice.

I wore the skirt with this bright green shirt and the Evil Boots, so called because I had told myself I wouldn't buy any shoes at all until next year... until I saw these online. At which point they seduced me, which is why they are Evil.

I dragged Jason to Target the day they were listed for in-store sale, only to discover that they were all in the back and not out on the floor yet.

I was about to leave in disappointment, until Jason convinced me to ask at Customer Service if they could help me, and they sent someone to dig them out of The Back and bring them up front, and the light shone down and all was well with the world.

Having worked retail, I am not exactly drowning in faith in The Back; it's usually space about two by six feet with three boxes, a mop, an employee catching a quick nap during their 15-minute break, and an aura of depression you find nowhere else, minus maybe hospitals.

That day, though, The Back worked for me.

No judgement, guys. We're still working on that "posing" thing.

In Case You Want to Recreate This Mess:
Skirt: Boden, Swishy Jersey Skirt in Raven Spot
Shirt: Eddie Bauer, Favorite 3/4 Sleeve Scoopneck in Palm
Boots: Target, Kayce boot in Brown
Necklace: Jason bought it for me at an apple festival in North Carolina a couple of years ago


  1. I love this :) That skirt is seriously to die for and I love the color scheme.

    1. Aw, thanks! I shamelessly rip ideas off of the Boden site as far as color pairings - they've got this slightly off-kilter aesthetic that I love.

    2. just checked it out-- great stuff!

  2. I'm totally distracted by the color of that top. Such an underrated shade. You look awesome.

    1. I KNOW RIGHT.

      It's not exactly military green, it's a little brighter than that, but it's not olive-green either. It's just this awesome almost-grass color that Eddie Bauer randomly has. I wear that shirt ALL THE TIME.


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