Thursday, November 28, 2013


That's right, I'm hopping on one of Kaelah's post ideas again. This is what she gets for asking readers to join in. People like me decide to be involved.

READING: We Took to the Woods, by Louise Dickinson Rich. I picked this up on somewhat of a whim while I was browsing, tossed it into my cart, and figured it would be interesting if nothing else. Louise Dickinson Rich was a pretty well-known writer in the forties, and her signature self-deprecating, humorous style went well with the short essays she often had published in magazines.

We Took to the Woods was her collecting some of those thoughts into a book on her and her husband's choice to live in backwoods Maine, at a time period when that meant no plumbing, no electric heat, and a phone line they only had thanks to the goodwill of a local lumber company that owned all the land around them.

Oh, and also no road out; they have to take a boat up the lake for that. Or, you know, in winter they just drive across it. Like you do.

Louise starts things off right, letting you know right off the bat that while she admires people who have purpose, and know exactly where they're going in life and how they're going to get there, well... she is simply not one of them.

I'm about halfway through the book. Her style is breezy, quick, jumping from story to story. Each chapter is headed with one of the (many) weird, slightly rude, or just ignorant questions that "city people" have asked her since they made their move. The chapters themselves start with her (sort of) answering the question, meandering around stories and anecdotes and interesting things, and wind themselves back up at the end. Then we hop to the next chapter.

I can see why this book, first printed in 1942, has been reprinted something like 18 times. It is immensely accessible; even the old-fashioned language, where it pops up, is hardly old-fashioned at all. It's a little like getting the chance to listen to your grandma's stories when she was 28, still full of the enthusiasm of it all happening now.

LOVING this book. I wasn't sure I would, but I really, really do. Louise and I would have gotten along smashingly, if I could have given up Starbucks long enough to ever meet her.

I'm not going to do a full review on it, because frankly my review mostly consists of: BUY IT. BUY IT NOW.

WEARING: My winter coat, unfortunately. 

Each year I play a game with myself - how long will my Midwestern blood rankle against all the Southerners I am surrounded by, bundled up in their hooded parkas in 55 degree weather? How long can I go without wearing a coat?

I had hoped to make it to December, but we had a serious cold snap along with sopping rain for two days straight. The kind that shuts down holiday travel the day before Thanksgiving, but never gives you the benefit of pristine white snow on the ground (because, you know, this IS South Carolina).

I didn't even make it to Thanksgiving. Two days before, I was forced to wear my winter coat to work.

Sigh. Oh well.

Maybe I'll make it longer next year. The upside, I guess, is that I get my choice of my two favorite hats in the world - one made by my friend Shelly, and one made by my friend Stevie! The Stevie-hat won the day here. I just love that royal purple.

Luckily, I am guaranteed to look vaguely cute today while spending the day surrounded by my parents (YAY!) and my in-laws. Mostly because I am still trying to impress my in-laws the way you always kind of vaguely try to impress your boyfriend's parents when you're a teenager.

So I try to wear nice things.

I have this vague notion that I'll look cute enough tomorrow or Saturday for a Tomboy Style post, but don't push me here.
We're lucky I'm not wearing pajamas to family Thanksgiving.

DOING:  Cleaning. Cleaning forever.

We have cleaned every room in the house. I've even rearranged the unruly pile of magazines on our coffee table to be a bit more... ruly, I guess?

Is ruly a thing?

It is now. 

Most of our magazines are issues of Garden & Gun - I subscribed to it shortly after we moved here and fell in love with it afterwards. It's a southern lifestyle magazine, soaked in good bourbon, fine music, and fantastic food. If I was only allowed to keep a single magazine subscription, that would be it.

Hence why we've kept every single issue. I'm going to build a little magazine holder on of these days. I swear.

EATING: Jason and I had this utterly bizarre moment at our respective jobs the other day, where both of us were starving. Starving for no reason. We had both had enough food, but we just couldn't seem to eat enough. I ended up going for Subway (the little town I work in has... limited food options) and Jason ended up at Fresh Market.

Where he bought Super Crab Dip.

So breakfast this morning was sauteed spinach and eggs with crab dip slathered on top.

There was much rejoicing.

DRINKING: Coffee. So. Much. Coffee.

LOVING: That I'm lucky enough to have this weekend with my parents, and even luckier than that - I get to turn around in a month and spend a week with my family in Illinois for Christmas! I'll see my niece for the first time in a year, my sister and my brother, aunts and uncles and my grandpa and grandma. 

It's gonna be awesome.

Why is this photo of Jason playing video games?

Well, I love him too.  

And I don't have any photos of my parents or family from super recently to use.




I'll talk to you guys later.

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