Wednesday, November 20, 2013

20 Facts About Me

 When we saw UP in 3d in theaters. We are super cool.

Kaelah Bee, who you may have noticed is one of my favorite bloggers, just did a "20 Random Facts" post and invited her readers to do their own. I decided to take her up on it. Those of you who are personal friends of mine or who 'liked' the blog's Facebook page have already seen a couple of these, which I decided to go ahead and include because I'm lazy. But... that still leaves lots of random facts about me you might not know!

Or do you?


1. I don't like to look people directly in the eye while talking to them. It used to be something I essentially NEVER did, until I joined speech in high school and our main speech coach, Mr. Deloriea, made me sit down with him and give a five or six minute speech without ever once breaking eye contact. It was the most uncomfortable thing I ever did, and I started out almost in tears, but afterward I found out that while I still don't like it, I am capable of it for short periods of time. In fact, the more I had to give presentations in speech, the better I got at it (although I am always doing so consciously; I still have to remind myself to look people in the eye when speaking to them).

So while with friends and family I still generally don't do eye-contact, when in a professional setting or when trying to look more grown-up, I can maintain eye contact for a few seconds at a time without becoming visibly nervous.

2. I have recently begun to notice that clothing is fun and may be used to decorate oneself, not simply worn as a means to avoid arrest. My bank account is now sad.

 Bridesmaid in my sister's wedding. I have a feeling my mom wanted me to show off the Converse.

3. When I was 18, I had a list of 5 things I absolutely wanted to do before I was 25. I am going to be 28 in March and have accomplished two of those things. Eh.

4. I get 'bored' with food if I eat the same meal too many times in a row. Like, Jason can happily eat a sandwich for lunch every day for a year and never care. But I have to switch things up every two or three weeks by randomly having us do something (ANYTHING) else. Otherwise I will start having to choke the food down and will get physically sick to my stomach while eating it. It's... weird.

5. I was stung by a bee once, when I stepped on it while down the street at someone's house. I was maybe five or four when this happened. I had incredibly vivid nightmares about being stung by a swarm of bees, a word I didn't even have available to me yet, that would send me sobbing into my parents' room constantly. Eventually I was told I couldn't sleep with them anymore (I don't blame 'em) and I instead made myself a bed out of blankets and pillows on the floor outside their door, because just being near them seemed to keep the swarm at bay.

6. Have I mentioned that my anxiety disorder surprised no one who actually knew me?

7. I've been hit on more since I started wearing a wedding ring than I ever was while single or just in a relationship. I can't figure out why someone would see a ring on my ring finger on my left hand and be like, "Surely that one's available..." but it happens. I mostly just talk loudly about my awesome husband until they go away. Gross, people. Gross. That ring should be a giant flashing "NO", but for some reason people just don't see it that way. Or at least people in bars don't.

 About a year before we got married, I think. I have no idea why this picture happened.

8. I have a detailed list of everything I'm going to do if I ever win the lottery. The first four things on the list are - pay off my student loans, pay off our house, build my parents their dream house, set up a trust fund to pay home taxes on that house forever. I'm a very boring daydreamer.

9. I hate that hair is a thing. I have no idea what to do with it, so I just kind of threaten it with a comb every morning and hope that suffices. I have recently begun blow-drying my hair. This seems to have terrified it into submission.

10. On a related note, I baffle the people at Great Clips who cut my hair, because every time I walk in they ask what I want and just sort of wave my hand at my hair and go, "Less of whatever that's doing." I think they would hate me if it weren't for the fact that I am a really good tipper.

11. One time I had really bad headaches for a week straight and could not figure it out. These were debilitating; I nearly went home from work more than once and I think I did leave work early at last one day. Eventually, I figured out that I had accidentally been making decaf for like a week and a half, and the headaches had been caffeine withdrawal. You'd think that would have encouraged me to cut down on my consumption or, you know, maybe consider that a sign of some kind about my coffee intake.

You'd be wrong.

Holding my niece on Christmas Eve six years ago. She's a month old here. I am terrified of breaking her.

12. The first thing I do upon arriving home almost every night is change into pajamas. I feel no shame.

13. Something everyone knows; I hate the color pink. While people know this about me, most people do not realize the depth of my hatred. I loathe the color to the point that an entirely pink room makes me physically ill. People always tell me "you grow out of that", but since it has yet to happen, I doubt it. For this reason, I dread having a girl. I won't buy her a single pink thing, but I guarantee people will think they're being "helpful" and shower us with pink frilly stuff and I will just stare at it. Like it's a demon. And then lock it in a box at the back of the closet that we never open, because that is what you do with demons.

14. I am the Queen of Soup and Empress of Casseroles. I blame the latter on my Midwestern upbringing, where there isn't an occasion that doesn't call for some mixture of delicious savory ingredients tossed into a baking dish, on a thousand church potluck experiences, on the simple truth that no matter how gross it sounds, Taco Casserole really was one of the best things I ever ate. I don't even know about the soup thing, though; it's like how some people are double-jointed. I can take any series of ingredients and turn them into delicious soup.

15. I always, always empathize with the villain if it's even conceivably possible. People like me are the reason villains are given redeeming characteristics, because if they, I don't know, like puppies or something I'll make it to the end of the movie all sad because the bad guy's about to lose and Jason is like, "THEY ARE SAVING THE WORLD FROM AN ALIEN INVASION, KATIE" and I'm all "BUT LOKI JUST WANTS TO BE LOOOOOOOOVED" and... well. It goes on from there.

Last year! I totally voted. It was totally awesome. 

6. Jason and I don't often hang out in the same rooms at parties, but will instead mostly stay separate the whole night. We do this because if we are near each other, we will end up being so disgustingly cute that it becomes a problem for the people talking to us.

17. I am already working on packing for my week home to see my family at Christmas. It will take about that long to figure out how to fit my entire week's worth of necessities in a single carry-on bag. Because it is all necessities.

18. Anytime I travel for longer than two days, or maybe only longer than two hours, I take at least three books and three to four magazines. The books will usually be all different genres, because I'm never sure what kind of book I'll feel like reading, but I know I will read.

19. My work bag weighs so much that my coworkers have expressed concern for the state of my spine. This may or may not have something to do with fact 18.

 I wish I could say things have changed, but... there I am. 

20. My coworker and I have had ten minute conversations that essentially consisted of nothing but quotes from the Simpsons. There are three or four episodes that I can recite, from start to finish, without missing a single line. I won't say I'm proud of this, exactly, but... you know, it might come up in my resume once or twice.

Or four times.


  1. haha i loved this so much! the pink thing tickles me so much. i love that you equate the color pink to demons. i, of course, feel the exact opposite. but i could totally feel your distaste for it through your words! :P

    1. I don't get people who love it! I never will. I don't worry too much about pink in our house - our nursery plan is viking-themed, and... they didn't wear much pink.

  2. lol The decaf story WINS. I am still laughing about it. As I type this. OUT LOUD. :D

    My caffeine headache always wakes me up when I sleep in on weekends. Hilarious.

    1. I can usually tell; if Jason and I are planning to go out for breakfast and linger for too long, I will sometimes tell him, "We've got about an hour before the headache sets in, we need to go."

      It's probably a sign that I need to stop.

  3. I think I took the picture of you and Jason when you were home...I figure you will have the little girl that will look all cute in pink and frills and will want to play with dolls, and you will have no idea what to do with that...I am hoping Robin will step in...You have been drinking coffee since you were young...decaf would probably kill you at this point!

    1. She can LOOK cute in them, but she'll never wear them so we'll never know, will we?

      Also, pffft, I TOTALLY played with dolls! I cut their hair, I painted on them, I'm pretty sure I dyed Barbie's hair blue once...

  4. I hate that hair is a thing, too! I thought I was fine with just blow-drying it and then one day I straightened it and about 20,520 commented on how much better it looked...ouch.

    If you have time, pop over to my blog and check out my 20 random things :)

    1. Hahaha yeah - it's like that thing with makeup, where the ONE TIME you wear makeup fifty thousand people tell you how good you look. Like... so I looked like a plague victim before, then?

  5. I think you are crying hysterically in the picture with Bryan and Christina because your mom dressed you in pink! :-)

    1. It's possible. I DID figure out how to remove barrettes before I had the motor skills to actually unclip them.

  6. Loved learning a little more about you! It's taken 27 years and I've somewhat figured out my hair, but I still get the comments about "how much I could do with my hair" aka I COULD do it, but I'm not because I don't know how.


    1. It's not even that I don't know how, on some things - I just... don't wanna. Hair can just be hair, in my opinion. Everyone is happier when I just leave it alone to grow, haha.

      On the other hand, people will get kind of angry because I have really shiny, thick hair, and I'm sure it's becuase I never touch it or curl it or whatever.


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