Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tomboy Style, of a Sort: Sweater Weather and Fifty Thousand

Fifty thousand what, you ask?


I have officially passed the fifty-thousand pageview mark. I've had this blog for years, although I've alternately neglected it entirely or, at the beginning, just posted short updates on what Jason and I were up to to keep my family in the know (most of those entries are gone, in part because I don't think anyone really wanted to know that I ate pizza after finishing my shift at Walmart in 2009). It's only really been within the last two years I've given this blog the effort it deserves and my pageviews seem to ticking up accordingly!

It's far more exciting than it has any right to be.

The other exciting thing has been that the temperatures have dropped about ten degrees from being in the early eighties to the low seventies.

Yes, to a Midwestern transplant to the South this counts as incredibly exciting news.

I'm not one of those who pines for summer in January and then for fall in June. I pine for November and December all year round in South Carolina, for those exciting times I can text my Illinois family that Jason and I are out in front of the Christmas tree over at the Shops of Greenridge in a T-shirt and jeans while in Illinois they're bundled up in parkas.

But low seventies does mean that I can actually get away with wearing sweaters.

Real sweaters.

Like this one.

I bought this sweater to wear with jeans and boots (yes, my brand new totally-not-evil boots), but thought it might work better for my job's dress code when paired with these comfortable but very much not-tight business casual maroon pants. Or I guess we call it "burgundy" or "oxblood" now, because we're not allowed to call colors their actual names.

I didn't even end up wearing any jewelry... although that may have had more to do with not being able to find any due to my aforementioned incredibly strong power to lose things.

 I realize the stripes are not the most flattering if you consider 'flattering' to always and only mean 'slimming', but honestly I don't very much care. It's all about comfort, and this is a seriously comfortable sweater. I could nap in this sweater. I'm sort of afraid I will nap in this sweater, as it's been sort of a sleep-deprived week for me.

Being outside is still a little too warm for me to really wear a knit this thick, but... turns out I just don't go outside that often while at work and everything's awesome. Although I guess I had to go outside during lunch to snap these photos.

So that undermines my point a bit.

In Case You Want to Recreate This Mess
Sweater: Lands' End, here (I also love the navy!)
Pants: Eddie Bauer, here (although I liked Lands' End styling with ankle-length pants and flats better, I just don't own pants (or shoes) like that. Hm. Maybe I should.)
Shoes: Privo by Clarks, so old they only seem to still exist on ebay (I like this, this or this for other options)
 Purse: Haiku, old (similar style but super bright colors now)

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