Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tomboy Style, of a Sort: Pinterest Did It

Note - this is not me. Uh, give it a minute. We're getting to me. That's the inspiration.

So, I actually liked my outfit today.

I know, I know, it's gettin' all crazy in here.

My dress code for work is essentially business casual, although the environment I'm in allows me to get a little bit creative with that. Today, though, I felt like classin' things up a bit. I have this photo (the one of the semi-scowly hipster lady) off of Pinterest that I've been eyeballing for a long time - I loved the colors and the idea and, after making somewhat of a fool of myself at Target on Saturday, I even had the cardigan to finish the idea off.

AND BOOTS. I have the best boots now. I'm not wearing them in this outfit though, because they are too beautiful to be covered up by pants. But you just wait until the next Tomboy Style post. Then you'll see.

Well, that was kind of threatening. I promise they're not evil boots.

My take on the idea, stupid pose and all. Seriously, guys, I am going to get a tripod sooner or later, I promise. Until then you'll just have to deal with... whatever that was up there.

Seriously, though, what was I trying to do there? I look like I threw my back out right as the flash went off. Are those... pigeon toes?

This photo, you guys. I don't even know.

And this was the best one.

... I need a tripod.

In other excitingly positive news, I don't feel well. I've been fighting a sore throat via continuous applications of coffee, tea, and soup for a couple of days now and while sometimes feeling bad makes you want to curl up in yoga pants, sometimes I want to do the opposite; try and look a little nicer in the hopes that feel will follow appear.

Then come home from work and immediately put on yoga pants, drink a beer, and whine like a little girl.

But for roughly eight glorious shining hours, I looked and pretended to be like an adult. It was terribly exciting for everyone involved.

Now I'm home and... well, beer.

The shoes look like boots, but they're not. They're just the closest thing to heels I can comfortably wear.

We'll call the outfit (and its intended effects) a success, except for my hair. All I can do about that is shrug; the hair does what the hair wants to do.

It may or may not be the one who's really in charge around here.
They're Kind of Like Outfit Details:
Cardigan & shoes - Target
Striped boatneck shirt - LOFT, gift from my in-laws
Pants - Eddie Bauer
Necklace - Pike's Peak, bought out of the gift shop I run at work

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