Monday, October 14, 2013


Spent the weekend preparing for and then going down south of Atlanta for a friend's wedding. 

They held the ceremony at a fairly new Catholic church that had some beautiful artwork inside; the iconography was gorgeous. I walked around for some time just taking everything in.

Above is the pool of holy water when you enter the sanctuary. 

I felt like we could use a little bit of serenity to start things off this week.

I know I can.


  1. Forgive the irreverence, but Catholics know how to do it up. Freakin' stained glass and ornate crucifixes and rosary beads and fancy robes and effing INCENSE (???)! I swear, that religion has the best branding.

    I'm just saying. Robert Rodriguez would not have staged this thing in a Quakers meeting house:

    1. YES. Catholic churches really know how to use beaitufl space as a part of the whole. Those hideous machine-shed mega-churches popping up everywhere are basically aesthetically offensive to me, haha. Churches should be required to have some prettiness going on! I'm not even Catholic, I just think they know how to do churches right.

  2. Er...sorry, I just realized my comment doesn't pay much respect to the notion of serenity. I swear, serenity in my mind has a lot to do with adventure....

    1. Pfffft, we all have our own serenity. Like, for instance, today my serenity is fluffy sweaters. So there you go.


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