Thursday, October 10, 2013

He's Like a Fluffy Stalker

Sanna wants to be Tstertsta's bestest best friend in the whole wide world. He wants to snuggle with her and play with her and have her be his mom and maybe there will be treats and everyone will live happily ever after.

He follows her around the house when he can find her, ears up, excited and curious and so so so happy that there is someone just like him he can smother with his love.

He is her true companion, in his own mind.

Tstertsta, don't ask me how her name is actually supposed to be spelled 'cause I don't know, is... shall we say less than enthusiastic about this attention. She was enjoying her old life, free of young animals, before we threw Indy at her, and now we've introduced this... other cat into the household.

And this other cat wants to be friends with her.

There is no greater horror in her world.

So far, this is the closest the two have gotten without there being lots of terrible noises and me or Jason having to intervene. They don't fight, exactly - our older cat makes lots of angry sounds and the occasional swat and the little cat, who has the common sense of a gnat, keeps coming back to see if maybe she'll snuggle this time.

It's kind of heartbreaking. Although not as heartbreaking as watching Indy, our dog, try to convince Sanna to come out from under the couch after his OH MY GOD IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE I WANT IT TO PLAAAAAY attempts involve a little too much looming and barking and jumping around for our itty bitty kitty.

... who is not so itty-bitty at all. I expected him to put on weight right away, after regular mealtimes started to happen. Which he did. I did not expect him to get taller.

Which he has.

So there's that.

Oh, and don't worry - we looked up on the internet the best way to introduce cats and he spent the first week of his life with us entirely in a guest room with no contact with Tstertsta other than a few glimpses through a cracked door. Now he's on supervised visits, but goes back in the guest room at night. But we're showing progress!

Progress is measured in the amount of times I have to clap my hands really loudly and be the Terrible Noise Monster.

I've had kind of a busy week, so I don't feel like I've had a ton to say. Jason and I are going to see a friend of ours from college get married this weekend (after seeing friends of ours get married LAST weekend), so we're trying to plan out that whole thing as far as timing and everything goes. Plus people are coming over tomorrow night so we spent much of the week attempting to remember how to clean.

Jason was about 80% successful, I think I clocked in at maybe 40%. We'll call it good.

On the other hand, though, I finally figured out what I did with my camera! So you won't have to look at these cell phone photos anymore. So, go me, bein' Super Adult over here.

I'm not quite sure how I manage to routinely lose things inside my own purse, but clearly it's a talent I have. If the NSA ever wants to hide their documentation about spying on us, all they need to do is ask me to keep track of it. It'll disappear in three days and I won't find it for twenty years, and then it'll be at the bottom of a purse I never wear with, like, a piece of peppermint candy stuck to it or something.

If you think about it, I'm kind of a superhero.


  1. Hahaha I love this post seeing as I love anything to do with cats. I WISH I had a 2-cat household. Even if they don't love each other, they both love you, right?


    1. They seem to. I don't even need them to love each other! I'd just like to see our older cat stop being so grumpy and hiding in the closet, haha

  2. Dude, my BFF Margaret has been staying with us in the guest room and her cats are totally being Anne Franked in there, because if Chi knew there were other cats in the house, he'd LOSE HIS SHIT. He actually hisses at Margaret sometimes just because you can tell he smells them on her. So in my book, these two cats are besties.

    1. My older kitty has taken to spending most of her day in the closet basically hiding. We're still locking new kitty up at night and just having him out during the day and when we're home, but this weekend is going to be a rough awakening for her.

      Cats are so bizarre. THe dog accepted the new cat is like two days, once he figured out Sanna wasn't going to A. bite him or B. eat his food.


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