Thursday, October 31, 2013

Also I'd Want Sled Dogs... And a Sled.

Don't be fooled by that pretty color. It was still like 80 degrees at noon yesterday.

I find myself idly discussing how nice it would be to live in Vermont, or maybe Maine, where it would be nice and chilly at this time of year.

Jason points out, each time, that I would probably change my tune by the time January came around. I don't think so.

I think I would have a fireplace and always wear sweaters like this one, the kind of wool sweater that there is literally no purpose for below the Mason-Dixon line, and maybe in January I wouldn't leave the house at all.

All that staying home would free up lots of time to read books!

On the other hand, we probably wouldn't have any money with which to buy said books. Hm. This is a problem. I'll just have to make do with gorgeous views, close-by mountains, wonderful springs, and mild weather three seasons per year.

... and breezes with exceptionally poor timing.


  1. The high was 45 in Michigan today. COME ON UP.

    1. I WOULD.

      But unfortunately work has this idea that I need to keep coming in to make money.


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