Friday, October 4, 2013

5 Things - The Edition That's a Little Bit Different

I thought I'd switch my usual 5 Things post up a little bit this week. Instead of trawling all around the internet, I'm going to show you 5 things that warm me up in my own life today.


1. Coffee with my favorite hazelnut creamer this morning, in a cheap mug from Ingles that matches the green of the chair I sit in at work. I am slowly filling my desk with colors.

I start every day with a mug of coffee, refill it once, and by then I'm caffeinated enough to make it through. Even days like today, which are filled in taping envelopes shut and putting together paperwork, seem brighter with coffee.

Or maybe that's just the caffeine addiction.

2. The last big flush of flowers in bloom in the Native Plants Garden before autumn takes all their color and leaves us a pile of sticks and brown for the winter.

Well - sticks, brown, and fire ants.

Fire ants are always magical. 

3. The way Sana arches up his back and starts up his rumble-purr as soon as we walk into the guest room he's currently staying in.

He was just neutered yesterday. Jason picked him up from the Humane Society, where we had the surgery done, brought him home and he drank his own weight in water and then went to sleep.

He's still a little bit wobbly and just a touch high on pain meds right now, but he's still so happy to see us. I like to think we are his rescuers. Well, really, my coworker Dan is his rescuer; we're like the people that swoop in after the fact, snatch him up, and take all the credit.

That doesn't make us sound very good. I take all that back. We're totally rescuers. Noble, noble rescuers.

4. My Oil & Wax candles in the candle-warmer at work, making it smell like lavender and home. I'm thinking I might need to invest in more of these in her awesome fall/winter scents - Pumpkin Butter and Apple Orchard both have my attention right now.

When did I become someone who buys really nice candles?

I swear, ten years ago I was wearing a Sex Pistols T-shirt, plaid punk pants, and cheap combat boots. And I had red hair.

Now I drink tea and talk about candles.

Adulthood is crazy exciting, let me tell you.

5. That slightly desaturated mustard yellow that is my favorite fall color ever. Especially since it's finally cool enough for me to wear my clothing in this color outside.

Well, I guess I can say mustard yellow is my favorite fall color after teal. Nothing replaces teal, although this yellow comes close. I suppose the fact that I've got both this shirt I snagged on absolute bottom-of-the-barrel sale at Boden and the yellow cardigan from Target I wore Tuesday gives it away.

The shirt is a heavy ponte, and even though it's short-sleeved it's a little warm in about half of South Carolina's seasons (that would be one month of winter, two months of spring, six months of summer, three months of fall). Luckily, my workplace is heavily air-conditioned and it's finally cool enough in the mornings that I'm not sweating by the time I get to my car.

So there you go - five things keeping me warm, inside and out, today.

Anything warming any of you up out there in the wide world today?


  1. I'm new to your blog but I love that you went with a more personal approach to your 5 things and shared things in your life that give you joy. The way you described them, from the arching of your cats back to the desaturated mustard yellow really shows how much happiness they give you, which also made it a pleasure to read.

    1. Aw, thanks for your comment! I really appreciate it :)


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