Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tuesday, By the Hour

I decided I wanted to do a day where I took one photo every hour, to take you guys through a day. I was going to do a fun day where I had awesome things planned, but I forgot. Twice. So instead you get an average workday, from waking up to heading to bed.

I was also going to use my camera, but forgot that too. So I used my phone instead. Because I am not a quitter!

Just really bad at remembering things.


7:30 AM: Indy watches Jason leave while I get dressed after breakfast. He is more broken-hearted about Jason leaving than me leaving. Squint at him until his tail-wagging is too cute for me to keep that face going.

8:30 AM: Making a pot of coffee and reading the newspaper after I get to work. After reading the national news, consider going off the grid and raising goats. I might like goats. I like eating goat...

9:30 AM: MATH! and coffee. Told you.

10:30 AM: A quick break to refresh my coffee. I took the long way around through the garden on my way back and caught this little guy getting some late-season pollen. He held still until I was done.

11:30 AM: Finally done with math! So I do some dusting around the merchandise in the shop, and took a second to take a photo of this little guy. I keep raccoons hidden all over the shop. Little kids love to find them.

12:30 pm: Lunch hour! I go for a walk on a nearby trail. I did some running, too, only to realize that I kinda need to work back up to that since I haven't done any in over a month now, thanks to the medical thing. Oh and also I was dehydrated. Also also it was like 90 degrees.

1:30 pm: See what I mean? Half an hour after getting back from my exercise, I am still super red-faced. Coworkers give me funny looks. Consider wearing makeup. Remember that makeup and I agreed to disagree about five years ago. Drink lots of water.

2:30 pm: Try to rearrange my little library of extra books I keep near my desk. Realize there is literally no other way to arrange them than how I had them before. Give up and put everything back. Sigh heavily and mutter something about raising goats.

3:30 pm: Remember that NPR stops playing classical and starts back up with the news at 3. Listen to the news for ten minutes. Debate the positive aspects of living in a cave where I will never hear the news again. Wonder if I could have goats in an adjoining cave.

4:30 pm: My friend Jessi stops by work, since she happened to be in town. We discuss puppies. She makes the last thirty minutes of the day, which usually drag by like turtles given sedatives, fly past like turtles given both wings and speed. Wonder why I'm thinking so much about turtles. Decide it's better than thinking about... well, you know.


5:30 pm: Arrive home, and start simultaneously working on dinner and working on lunch for us to take to work for the rest of the week. Open up my copy of the cookbook Jerusalem and start working on Naamah's Fattoush, my favorite recipe out of there so far.

6:30 pm: Dinner! Oven roasted chicken and rainbow chard with onions and garlic in chicken broth. Fattoush is done and settling, puppy is fed and running around outside, husband is home and eating. Feel content. Purposefully refuse to look at the news.

7:30 pm: Warm-up painting while watching Kids in the Hall on Netflix. Try to figure out what it is about Canadian sketch comedy that I just don't get. Mutter something about the word 'aboot'.

8:30 pm: Painting. We gave up on Canadian sketch-comedy and now Jason is playing a video game about zombies. Not a good one, either. I didn't even realize there were bad zombie video games. Well, now I know.

9:30 pm: We started with the dog, we'll end with the dog. I find myself no longer painting, just taking photos of my puppy. Wonder what anthropologists five hundred years from now will think about my many, many photos of my animals. 

Decide to stop thinking and take more photos of the dog.

And that's it! So there was Tuesday. Wednesday promises to be similar, only with way less math.

I'm okay with that.


  1. You are one of those naturally rosy girls! Seriously, women buy blush to approximate this look. I don't turn red, I just sweat. Like, forever.

    Also -- I have NEVER succeeded at photo-an-hour! I don't think I've gotten past hour 2 before falling off the wagon. Well done.

    1. Oh, trust me. There was sweating too ;)

      This is the first one I've ever managed! I had to set an alarm on my cell phone every hour to remind myself. The alarm would go off, I'd take a photo and then set the alarm for another hour, go back to what I was doing. I had to make sure I changed the alarm because I kept forgetting and then being confused as to why I had an alarm going at 2:30 in the afternoon, haha.


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