Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Sunrise & Search Terms

The view outside this morning. 

As a fun note, here are search terms people have used that led them to my blog:

Stress and Stars blog (obvious enough)
sort pant (uh... okay)
moonshine toddy (awesome)
"car wouldn't start" (haha good luck getting help from me)
are smartwool socks cool? (I think I can answer that)
never nap alone (That seems...existential.)
Boo Rochman 
(I get a ton of these - there's a park by that name in Carbondale back when we lived in Illinois I took a ton of photos of once upon a time)
The name of a hardcore porn star I will not repeat here, because ew. Also I feel bad for whoever was looking for a porn star and found my blog.
flames on the side of my face (ah, another Clue lover)
what to do with an art degree (... oh, you poor poor thing.)


  1. This is hilarious! One of my favorite posts this week. I love seeing the search terms that have led people to my blog. Thanks for sharing, but even more thanks for your hilarious comments!

    Kate from Clear the Way

    1. Thanks for coming by to see me!

      I used to get fairly normal search terms, but the last five months or so things have just started to get weird.

  2. lol Some of these made me laugh out loud.

    A while ago I got a hit from a search for my full name + "nude."

    Does this mean I've "made it"? I'm just gonna go ahead and assume it does.

    Hahaha..."what to do with art degree"....

    1. I love the idea that someone would know you well enough to know your full name, but not well enough to know whether or not those sorts of things are floating around the internet. Weirdness.

      Yeah, my suggestions for "what to do with an art degree" consist mostly of burning it for fuel when you inevitably can't pay your heating bill because the only job you could find was at a clothing store in the mall.

      ... I say as I proudly clutch my Bachelor's of Fine Arts to my chest.


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