Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Think We All Knew This Would Happen

I mentioned in my last post that I won a $50 gift card to Uncommon Goods in a giveaway over at Holly's blog, one of my new favorites to read. I could spend this $50 on anything I wanted in the store. Shot glasses, coffee mugs, jewelry, stuff for the dog (well okay, still for me), beer brewing kits...

Well, here is what I chose, in the end - it came in the mail, uh, probably about two hours ago:

That's right, folks.

Hilariously mismatched socks and a book.

I feel like if you never read a word I wrote except for this post, that you would know my personality immediately just from looking at that photo.

It was a tough battle between these three items and scarves I also really like, but in the end books and socks win out.

As they always do.

As they should. 

Well, for now.

(I'm going to buy the scarf, too. But ssshh, that's not until October so it doesn't count. Don't tell Jason.)


  1. Love it!! Hey, how about an outfit post with you WEARING those socks!? Give the people what they want!!!l ;D


    1. Ahahaha just go stand outside in my socks. I'm debating a response to all those blog posts of people artfully lounging around in their $400 PJ's. Screw you guys, I'm wearin' clearance Christmas PJ pants, an oversized Tshirt that says "ILLINOIS", and socks.


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