Friday, August 2, 2013

Wood & Stemware

Five years ago today, I got married.

It was a humid, sweltering hot day in Southern Illinois at a little vineyard we loved. My the time the ceremony started around 11 AM, it was 94 degrees.

We were married outside, with a gorgeous view of the little lake the vineyard stocked with whiskery fish you could feed if you put a quarter into the feed box.

My brother-in-law officiated, because he's an incredible writer and I wanted someone I loved to marry us, before God and our families.The ceremony itself was something like ten minutes long, and then we had the reception inside a room in the (air-conditioned) vineyard's receiving area, and some people drank too much wine and some just enough. We had catered Cajun fish and corn and potatoes and I got more compliments on our choice of food than anything else. 

The day before the wedding, we had moved into an apartment we would be living in with a roommate, but nonetheless the first home we were able to share together. 

By the end of that day, by the time the heat had settled into a constant baking feeling coming off the sidewalk and all the speeches had been given and we had opened presents, thanked everyone for coming, and collapsed in exhaustion, we were married.

So the last five years...

They've been awesome.

That is all.

Happy anniversary, sweetie.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Katie! That was lovely. You should share a wedding photo. :)

    1. I've got some around here somewhere...

  2. Happy happy happy anniversary! True love is the shit, right?


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