Monday, August 19, 2013

Tomboy Style, of a Sort; My Kinda Shine

Why is this post ready so early?

Thanks to the magic of sick puppy!

Indy apparently ate something awful. He got me up at 3 AM whining and carrying on. I let him out, thinking maybe he just needed to go, but after he came back in he threw up all over the place. He then was able to go mostly back to sleep. I managed a good hour more myself and he's woken me back up again.

It looks like he ate something that didn't agree with him; not to the extent of actual poisoning, but his body needs to get rid of it. So... go on, little pups. Don't make me see what you do and go do it in the yard where I don't have to clean it.

I'll keep an eye on him. Good thing this is Sunday night, because I would hate to be trying to drag myself into work today on this little sleep.

ANYWAY, the whole point here was actually an outfit post.

If you tilt your head and squint, this photo is a little bit better than my first attempt at a full-body shot..

But only if you squint.

Look, I just haven't mastered the "delicately balance my camera in the fork of two tree branches, set the ten-second timer, and run like the dickens" skill just yet. We're working on that. Now, you might say that maybe I should just get a tripod for my camera. That, my friend, would involve buying a tripod.

IE, I would have to plan ahead to buy a tripod, remember to go to a store that sells them, and somehow recall what I went to that store for. Usually, when I try to do something that, I end up just walking out with more lip balm.

So I think we'll just keep trying to figure out the tree.

You couldn't see them very well in the full-body shot, but the tank top I'm wearing under the cardigan is covered in tiny sequins sewn on the front.

It is very, very shiny in person.

So shiny.

Less so in photos, but I suppose you get the idea.

In any case, I wore that top to a party in like January maybe and then never wore it again. By all the rules of fashion, I should have thrown the silly thing out, but I just couldn't seem to.

I saw an image on that bane of productivity, Pinterest, of someone wearing a cushy sweater with a sequined tank and decided to give it my own spin.

I work Tuesday through Saturday, so Saturday ends up being my "Casual Friday". I dress down a little bit, but cardigans are still my very best friend, since they elevate basically everything and make a "blue jeans + shirt" outfit look juuuuust classy enough.

I got this dark orange (not quite pumpkin, it's darker than that. Almost a burnt umber, but more orange-y. Why yes I'm an artist trained in the color wheel, why do you ask?) cardigan from a J. Crew final clearance sale at our mall a couple of years ago. There were selling these cardigans for $20 down from nearly $90. I could not lose.

I snagged up the prettiest two colors, a desaturated Hunter green and dark orange. They are perfect during SC's short but amazingly gorgeous fall season.

Since they're also my go-to in spring, summer (obviously) and winter, I tend to look like I've wandered in confused from another hemisphere.

Maybe I traveled back in time from a future fall season. Did you ever consider that?

Well, maybe you should.

I took these pictures standing in the garden during my lunch break, on a miserably cloudy day. The light was completely terrible, and I spent about an hour screwing around with these, trying to get them to look better, and this is about the best I could do.

I'm not complaining, though - those clouds are the reason we had an awesomely cool weekend wherein I was not sweaty. Not at all. Not even a little.

In South Carolina in August, that is a gift. One must cherish the moment.

Look at me cherishing.

Outfit details, on the off chance you want to emulate this madness:

Tank top (old - similar) & jeans: Old Navy
Cardigan: J. Crew (old. This year's design/colors..)
Shoes: Privo, bought in Cape Girardeau, MO a few years ago. Similar from Privo.
Necklace: Fiore Boutique at my local mall.


  1. Ugh, I'm so sorry about your pet woes. We had to take our cat to the emergency vet a couple weeks ago because he was PEEING BLOOD. God, animals scare the shit out of you sometimes.

    P.S. Love your sequins! :D

    1. The worst part is that they can never tell you what hurts, or what they ate. You just have to either hope they'll eventually stop projectile vomiting everywhere or take 'em to the vet and hope the vet can somehow deduce the issue.

      We've had the cat for six years, and she throws up occasionally, but nothing worse than that. We've had the dog for six months and he's already scared the living daylights out of me twice.

      Haha, thanks! I seriously have no idea what to do with sequins, but I'm glad this seemed to work!


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