Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tomboy Style, of a Sort: Itty Bitty Little Legs

What I wore to work yesterday.

It was blazing sunny at noon, and my photos were all terribly hurried. I couldn't use my favorite spot because the sun was too bright, so I tried to find another place where two branches met in a tree that I could shove my camera into.

Except that I had a really hard time figuring out how to be in focus. I should really just give up and get a tripod already.

You may be wondering why I don't just take outfit photos at home.

This is why.

I didn't like my photos from work, so I tried to snag a couple at home, but Dr. Indiana Jones felt that he should be the star in this picture. Which, if we're honest, he kind of is.

In any case, I got a couple of new pairs of pants and decided to wear one of them right away, along with a new shirt. The pants need hemming and I haven't done that just yet, but I wore 'em anyway. Because I am a daredevil. In the interim, I will just have tiny short legs and somehow survive that terrible misfortune of fate.

I was a little bit inspired by Patterned Love wearing her colored pants just a couple of days ago. Hers is a bit more refined than my version, but it just made me realize that I had these red pants sitting here that I hadn't worn yet... and it was time to rectify that problem.

My basic rule of dressing is that if I can look like a complete color explosion, I must do that. Neutrals are for people, to be sure... other people.

The red of the pants is way more faded in real life than it appears on camera. It's a faded orange-y red, almost a bright Montauk red, not super-saturated like it seems in pictures. I pretty much knew exactly what outfit I would wear first when I looked at them.

While I was taking photos outside, a thunderstorm was rolling in. It was taking its sweet time, so I figured I had plenty of time to take advantage of the slightly dimmer light.

Then the wind started to blow.

Well, I can make that work, I figured. Wind isn't so bad.

Then it rained for exactly six seconds, and one of those raindrops within that six seconds was blown directly into my eye by the wind, exactly when I hit the camera button.

So that's why I don't take outfit photos at home.

Outfit Details

Shirt & pants - Eddie Bauer
Shoes (old) - Old Navy
Bracelet - Liz Daly Designs, downtown
Socks - Smartwool (duh)
Necklace - thrift store somewhere back in Illinois


  1. Photographers pay big money for wind machines! You got the same effect for free! ;D

    I LOVE Dr. Indiana Jones attempting to steal focus! Awesome and adorable.

    1. He always steals the show :( My dog chews scenery. Literally.

  2. I love those shoes! And the pants fit your shape perfectly! I have a hard time finding pants because I am 5'1 with thicker legs and pants just fit me super weird, ha ha.

    ♥, Brittney @ True Vintage Love

    1. Pants fit everyone weird, I think. We all need to be super wealthy and have personal tailors, haha. That would fix the problem right up.


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