Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tomboy Style, of a Sort: I'M NOT WEARING YOGA PANTS

The title says it all.

Is this outfit something to write home about? Probably not. It's literally a T-shirt and jeans outfit that I wore yesterday, nothing more. On the other hand, it's the first outfit I've worn in two weeks during the day that didn't mostly consist of yoga pants and an over-sized T-shirt and a blanket to wrap myself up in. For the three times I left the house for any length of time, I just wore yoga pants that kinda looked like normal pants and called it a draw.

I spent the first two days home in the hospital in sweaters. In July. In South Carolina. So that tells you something.

I tried rolling my skinny jeans up to make them sort of cuffed ankle pants, which I will say was about 60% successful, except that I mostly learned that I don't like ankle pants. Which I already knew, so really it didn't even teach me that, it just reinforced it.

The T-shirt is from the Lands' End store inside our local Sears (it's this style), and they had this and a green shirt that are both perfect fall colors (and it turns out I basically only want to wear fall colors, no matter what season it is) and I waited and waited and waited and finally when I went to buy them, they didn't have my size in the orange. I loved the color so much I bought it anyway.

This is a size up, so it's a little baggy, but honestly if I'm wearing skinny jeans I want the shirt to be a little baggy. Also I like the word 'baggy'.

It's like 'scuba'.

I realize this will all probably end with me getting a lecture about how not everyone is meant to wear skinny jeans, but I don't care because these are the most comfortable jeans in the world. Don't judge me. Bigger ladies like wearing skinny jeans too.

 The necklace Jason bought for me after going to an apple festival up in Hendersonville a few years back. The bag is one of my birthday presents this year, I bought it from Monday Morning on etsy. The bracelet was also mentioned in this post and I bought back in college, the ring is from a local artist whose work I sell in my gift shop (I wear this ring a lot), those shoes are like Walmart clearance shoes from five years ago, and my hair is what happens when I style a cute side part and then spend less than ten minutes outside in the heat and humidity.

I was unable to get a photo of both ring and bracelet in which my hand didn't look some sort of crazy-stumpy Hobbit hand, so I thought, why not let everyone see why I never became a concert pianist?

Well that, and the part where I didn't try to learn piano until I was 12.

... also I didn't really take more than four lessons, didn't really practice, and only really liked playing Disney songs and really old church hymns.

Don't you love it when you learn things about me?

So there you have it, my unreasonable happiness at being able to wear jeans. And leave the house.

Both on the same day.

Thursday I wore jeans for a while, but just to read one of my new books on the couch and take pictures of the cat.

Which actually just sounds really sad when I type it all out like that.

Let's all pretend I did something cooler than that, shall we?

Thursday I wore jeans while I fought robot space aliens!

It was super cool.

You guys should've been there.


  1. I definitely think you can pull off skinny jeans! And you are right - a baggier top is usually best with tight jeans!
    Jeans and a Teacup

    1. Hopefully I can pull it off, because these really are the best jeans in the world. They are one zipper and four real pockets away from being those pajama jeans you see on TV - Old Navy's RockStar Skinnies are apparently suuuuuper soft.

  2. It took me ages to finally try out skinny jeans, because as a pear shape, I figured they just wouldn't look good on me. But I finally tried them out and now I love them! The same also goes for ankle pants -- I can't get enough of them! :)

    1. Ankle pants I think will forever live in the same land that leggings do for me - they just don't FEEL right. But they definitely looked cute with the shoes! So it's a conundrum.

  3. Well, your cat is as cute as robot space aliens are awesome. Anyway, this is a really cute casual look. The jeans are perfect and I love your fun bag. Following you on Bloglovin' and GFC!

    May the Force be with you.

  4. The jeans look awesome, woman. Mission successful. You won.


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