Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stomping Grounds

Puppy face!

That's always the best way to start things off, I think, with a cute puppy.

Puts everyone in a good place.

Yesterday, Jason did a serious ton of work on a project he's working on. I picked up a pile of home decoration books at the library and otherwise spent most of my day the way I've spent most of the last two weeks; engrossed in a book.

I knew I wanted to go out for dinner last night; although we're a little bit broke right now thanks to the surgery (only a little bit, but I am the personification of nervousness so I'm still preoccupied with staring forlornly at our bank account), we definitely wanted to actually go out for an anniversary dinner at some point, even if it wasn't exactly American Grocery or Roost levels of extravagance and what the kids call 'making it rain'.

Although both restaurants are amazing places to have dinner (in the case of Roost, also brunch). I need an excuse to eat at American Grocery sometime...

Greenville just did a revamp of their tourism website, so I was clicking around to see what was new, and they've added a restaurant section.

I figured, why not pick a place to eat out of there, some place we've never eaten before?

Then I saw a coffee shop and wine bar in Greer.


The place is called Stomping Grounds, and it's located right in downtown Greer, which is going through somewhat of a revitalization lately. I hadn't been there in a while, so it was nice to see how they're sprucing up the buildings (and Greer has a gorgeous city park right off downtown).

We wandered into Stomping Grounds through the back entrance. They have their own parking back there, which was kind of a lifesaver, because it turns out everybody else also wanted to eat dinner in Greer last night, and all the city parking lots were full up.

It's a comfortable place, with tables up front where you can people watch out the big glass windows, couches in the middle, and more seating towards the back where the live music sets up on the weekends. There's some kind of in-house bakery, although it was closed by the time we got there for dinner, but definitely looked promising. I am nothing if not a fan of baked goods. It took all my willpower not to take home some of the black cherry kuchen they still had in their bakery case.

Kuchen, guys. The German in me cries out for more kuchen in my life.

We were greeted cheerfully, and I ordered coffee, because what could possibly be wrong with ordering strong coffee at 7 p.m.?

The appetizer was that most southern of foods; pimiento cheese.

I have not even tried not to talk about my love of pimiento cheese. It's in some grocery stores in the Midwest, but people just don't buy it the same way they do down here. It's a staple. You can get pimiento cheese grilled cheese sandwiches at Tupelo Honey Cafe, order it at Southern Culture or Everyday Organic (my favorite place to eat in Greenville), and here it's one of the "nibbles". It was great! Not mayonnaise-y at all, and the pita bits were super warm and it was just cheese heaven.

Note: that is not the full pimiento cheese plate. We were over halfway through it before I remembered to take a picture. I've turned into that person who takes phone pictures of her food.

For dinner, I had the veggie wrap with hummus and carrots on the side, because I had kind of a big lunch and felt like I should have something light with at least some nutritional content for dinner. It was lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, provolone cheese, pesto and... something else in there. The whole thing felt very healthy. Sort of. Except for the mountain of creamer I put in my coffee.

Jason had a club sandwich, and he was very happy with the amount of bacon present.

Behold its magnificence.

After dinner, we ran over to Lowe's to pick up some supplies for Jason's project, came home, and I, who you will remember was highly caffeinated, chattered at Jason while flipping through DIY and HGTV magazine and watching nature documentaries until midnight.

Because at our house we have a rockin' fun Saturday night. We're like Vegas, but with movies about the evolution of raccoons instead of strip clubs.

Stomping Grounds was a really good place! I want to go back when I'm able to drink wine and really sit back and enjoy, hang out for a couple of hours. Or go some morning when we could enjoy the bakery and wander up and down downtown and around the park.

Today's plans involve working more on Jason's project, which I will be helping with today, and painting. I had left off painting while recovering, since I paint best either leaning over the painting while it's laid out or sitting down with it, and neither of those things was even remotely a good idea before.

But first -




  1. It's so awesome hearing you talk about being up and about. Just last week you were feeling like you'd be cooped up in a reclining position forever. Time flies when your immune system's kicking ass. :)

    1. I got a little bit of guff for being so tired all the time, but seriously, all that sleeping has seriously paid off. I am actually surprised; for three days I couldn't sit up by myself without at least some help, by day four I was up on my own and could be by myself all day, by the end of that week I could stand long enough to cook meals, by the next week I was tearing my hair out with wanting to leave the house. So sleeping si definitely the best healer :)


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