Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Things - It's All About Art

It's raining again.

Basically, that's the story of everything here in Greenville right now. If it's not raining, wait an hour. The river I drive over on my way to work has officially flooded its banks, creeping towards the back door of the people who live right off the road.

For this 5 things, I just threw some stuff together back on Monday and I'm callin' it good.

It's been one of those weeks.

1. I want this print from Hannakin in my life.

This print from Hannakin basically is my life.

Upon further reflection, everything this woman does needs to be in my life!


2. Hyrule Historia, for the truly obsessive Legend of Zelda fan.

The full history of Hyrule! Never beforeseen concept art! An exclusive comic!

It makes me want to dig my brother's old Nintendo out from whatever closet it might have found itself in and lose myself all over again.

It was the first video game I ever beat, the game that made me fall in love with gaming, a love I still have. Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time was a game I played with my friend Rikki when her family had moved away and I went to visit them, and it's probably the most completely engrossed I've ever been in a game in my life.

I feel like this would be a full-on nostalgia blow to the brain.

I want it.

3. This necklace, from Rasa Vil Jewelry, is basically a work of art. I watch her shop on etsy just to see what appears there. I am endlessly impressed by her jewelry work. Bright, artful, intricate... her work is absolutely beautiful.

4. This NPR article on Paducah, Kentucky's attempts to create an artists' environment that also helps fix up some of the worst neighborhoods in town. 

I lived about an hour away from Paducah when I was going to college, and we went into town once or twice, and I won't lie; there were parts of it that weren't entirely pretty or safe-feeling. But it has become noticeably better, and I had wondered what was happening that brought the resurgence.

This is a really cool idea, and I'd love to see more cities try it out; they are taking some of the worst neighborhoods, with the most empty houses, and selling them for a dollar to artists and artisans, for them to fix up and use as studios and/or living spaces.

And it worked.

I love it when these things work.

5. I wanted to end on something happy and sweet.

Therefore, here's "The Enamored Whale", by Albert Cerriteno.

Absolute sweetness. This is just perfect.

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