Friday, August 16, 2013

5 Things - I Won't Even Pretend There's a Theme Here

1. This blog post by Rachel Held Evans, one of my new favorites in the blogging and writing world, entitled "You Don't Hate Me, You Hate My Brand". She recently had a small post she'd written for CNN go viral, and this post is dealing with the personal fallout that comes with your "brand" being mistaken for you.

(For my atheist/agnostic/uncomfortable with religion friends and loved ones, she is very much a religious Christian blogger, and her thought processes are very much channeled through that. The post may discomfit you if you don't like reading things from a Christian/religious point of view. Just a warning.)

It may resonate more with other bloggers, but on the other hand it may resonate just as much with everyone who reads it. We all, in our lives, spend plenty of time being reduced by or reducing to stereotypes those around us. 

This is why the comments sections on the internet are such dangerously lunatic places. With no face and no real name, people turn into frothing caricatures of themselves and imagine everyone else is just the same, spitting rhetoric and vitriol they would never say in person, letting out the absolute worst of themselves because they can hide behind a screen.

There are more than a few sites I avoid entirely because the rage and the frothing and the words are so damaging, not just to their intended targets but to everyone who might even see them. ANY political or religious post on CNN, for instance, will devolve into mud-slinging, obscene rage, and trying to virtually shout over each other while insulting, demeaning, or outright threatening the other side.

What Rachel talks about, in essence, is that there really isn't an "other side". There's just us. We're all people. To briefly quote her post, "The truth is, that dude whose blog posts totally rub you the wrong way may be the best person in the world with which to watch a football game or talk theology over beer. That acquaintance on Facebook whose pictures make her life seem perfect may struggle with self-doubt, depression, and fear. "

Go read the post. It may resonate with you. It did with me.

2. This ink drawing of a whippet by Justine Osborn over on etsy. Her shop is called Paint My Dog, and seriously, go look at the other drawings and paintings, too!

She has got some absolutely gorgeous work.

Maybe I need a painting of Indy for Christmas...

3.  This song has been all over the radio. The problem is, since I listen to NPR basically exclusively, I really hadn't heard it until just recently, when NPR tragically was down for FOUR WHOLE HOURS and I thought I would faint of grief.

So I listened to normal radio on the way home, and it was painful. But somehow I muddled through.


Imagine me dramatically sighing and... I don't know, putting the back of my hand to my forehead whilst fainting onto a chaise lounge or something. Is that what people who listen to NPR do?

I feel like there isn't enough just happy, peppy, stomp-your-feet-and-clap music out there. Everyone wants to mope about being sad about things. I like this song because it's just some guy belting out how much he loves someone.

Plus, hey, when did decent music become popular on the radio? I haven't heard decent music in years getting on popular radio, it's why I stopped really listening to it in the first place. What happened? Did we all spontaneously decide to stop listening to trance-pop or dance-rock or whatever we were calling it back in 2006?

4. Kaelah Bee, another blogger I like, did a post on what she's packing in her purse prior to her trip to Vegas coming up. She asked if anyone else had done any photos like that recently, and I thought... why not?

Heaven knows I purposefully carry around purses as large as my entire torso, and pack them full of an insane amount of stuff.

So, in my bag today:
  • Two books that I'm taking to and from work to read on my lunch break:
  •             - Evolving in Monkeytown by the aforementioned Rachel Held Evans (this is the second read, where I mark the whole book up with pen by underlining what I like. It's a bizarre habit.) I was almost done with this one, and finished during the day, so I also brought...
  •            - The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, by Elna Baker. I love hilarious, self-deprecating memoirs, can you tell? This is like my fourth read of this one. It's just nice and quick and an easy read at work.
  • Cell phone. 
  • Comb 
  • Advil, because ibuprofen is the boss. 
  • Aleve, for when ibuprofen is not the boss.
  • Deodorant, because if I've learned anything in life, it is to be prepared at all times for southern heat.
  • Car keys, with my eleventy-billion key chains.
  • Makeup I never wear. Seriously. I've worn it like three times in the past six months. I find makeup baffling.
  • Two lip balms, both from Burts Bees, which I ALWAYS wear, because one is never enough. 
  • Tiny bottle of water I am always sipping from at work.(not pictured)
  • Another comb, for some reason. I forgot that one was in there.
  • A blank notebook for scribbling stuff in. I tend to always keep one of these on hand. Currently it contains two poems and a list of pre-op questions and answers from my medical thing. And I drew a pony.

5. This turquoise and metal necklace by arrok.

For one thing, I love the jumping rabbit, as I've been thinking and sketching and doodling and considering stylized animals for a while now.

I also love how substantial this necklace is. This is a piece of jewelry with some weight. Another piece in its favor is that, no matter what my birthstone tells you, turquoise is the best stone in the entire world. I gravitate towards any piece of jewelry with lots of it. Cool turquoise and silver is basically what I would like to just coat myself with in an ideal universe.

I chose this particular product photo because it shows the clasp as well, a little bit more of the metalwork that went into making this. I've got metal on the mind lately, as Jason has been able to work a little bit more on getting things going with his own metalwork, which is always exciting for us. He and I both have some fun art stuff in the works.

Those last two awful years of being in stuck in our college town threw us way off our art game. Well, that and the fact that we both graduated right as the recession got underway, which... wasn't great for anybody trying to make a living, really.

But lately we've both been wanting to get back into things.


Well, this started out about a rabbit necklace and turned into something else entirely. Oh well.


  1. That necklace is really adorable! Also, that drawing of the whippet is oddly compelling.

    How many whippet owners in the world have the sense of humor to name their dog Devo? I want to know.

    1. I bet you'd be surprised by how many ;)


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