Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tomboy Style, of a Sort: I Can Make Anything Odd

Haven't done one of these in a while, have I?

It's not that I haven't been wearing interesting things; personally, I think I have been. I even managed to get my feet covered in fire ant bites while taking photos of an outfit, ostensibly to show you guys, a week or so ago. Well, obviously that didn't happen. The ants got to me before I managed to take a decent photo of myself.

Maybe the ants were trying to tell me something about my outfit. I don't presume to understand the behavior of those evil Southern cousins of the cheerful Midwestern sugar ants I grew up with.

Hopefully I can find a halfway-decent outfit photo for you.


Really, this is what we've got to work with?

Seriously. This is the best full-length photo I took and even I look vaguely embarrassed by myself.

These black stretchy pseudo-cotton pants I found at Old Navy, but they were something like six inches too long thanks to being "extra long, for girls in heels!" As far as I can tell, the only girl who needs that extra length is a girl over six foot five. I'm glad Old Navy gave her the choice, but those of us who are a foot shorter than that would like pants that don't drag!

I hemmed them myself, by hand. Which is why I will never ever ever show you the wobbly, well-meant stitching along the bottoms. It took me nearly five days of working whenever I could stand to sit still to finish it.

I should also note here that I'm really, really bad at sewing with my hands, so everything takes way longer than it would others.

The shirt is from the Gap, a store I've had to grow into. My family had a running joke about my distaste for Old Navy and Gap back in the day, but in my defense I mostly wore punk T-shirts, safety-pin jewelry, or Goodwill stuff I cut up back then. I had to grow into shopping at Old Navy and the Gap, or at least grow out of that point in my life when my utmost dream was to have blue hair.

A dream denied, thanks to my mother's insistence on me having hair colors that can occur in nature.

I mean, come on. Blue is a color in nature! Lots of flowers are blue! Blue jays are blue!


I had to make up for it by dating two guys in a row that had blue hair at one point or another.

(Although by the time I was out of the house, I didn't want blue hair anymore. So... make of it what you will.)

The moccasins are from Target, and are basically my way of taking your average outfit and making it a little bit odd. Which is basically my specialty. The thing is, I found these moccasins online, and I ended up with two pairs because I love them so much. I'd have five pairs if someone (who shall go unnamed but who I MIGHT be married to, just sayin') hadn't put his foot down.

He just doesn't understand my free spirit.

My free spirit needs more shoes.

The two necklaces are the same two featured in this post; the friendship-bracelet style is from the Gap, and the little starfish from Fiore Boutique. I tend to wear my new jewelry so often I basically wear it out when I first get it, and I feel like this starfish will definitely find itself in that situation quickly.

The bracelets, on the other hand, are much older; the silver chain-style bracelet is something my Grandma Swearingen gave me out of her jewelry box a few years ago, when I was in high school. My Grandma has the best jewelry boxes, I swear. When I was little and we went over to her house, one of my favorite things used to be to sneak back into their guest room, where she kept her jewelry laid out on a kind of dresser in front of mirrors, and just... pick it up and look at it. I have a couple of things from her over the years, and they're some of my favorite and most-worn pieces.

The orange bead-bracelet I bought back in college at a school-sponsored craft fair. There used to be a necklace that went with it, but the necklace went to pieces one day and I'm not sure I ever found all the beads. They're scattered across a place I lived three apartments ago, no doubt still undiscovered.

Like... treasure.

Sort of.

And of course... the socks are from SmartWool.

Because where else would they be from?

So homesick it's silly. I was supposed to be in Illinois for the Fourth of July, but that didn't happen thanks to a nasty little piece of news that is stealing almost all of my vacation time for this year. My brother (who lives in Texas) is even in town, and getting he, my sister, and I in the same state can be a bit of a juggling act. Not to mention that I should be seeing my niece in person, not photographs.

I'll deal with it, and probably do more reading this weekend than even I would normally do, but it's pretty lonely over here without my family. Sometimes it's hard to believe I decided to live so far away on purpose, and I wonder whether I should have stayed there.

But then I think about my hilariously weird and perfect and wonderful friends, and my amazing in-laws, who took me into their family like I was always a part of it and they couldn't imagine me anywhere else, and I know why we're here, and I wouldn't leave for the world.


I need to get obscenely wealthy so I can see my family whenever I start to miss them.

So... like every other week or so.

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