Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Stuck-at-Home Sanity Kit, Part 2

The other half of my sanity kit is a little bit less cohesive, but just as needed.

First and foremost, is the tea.

While wandering the Spice & Tea Exchange that just opened downtown with my friend Lauren on Monday, I picked out an Earl Grey Creme for Jason (... and I to share) and I also wanted something light on caffeine or caffeine-free, for hot tea I can drink later in the evening.

I picked out Berry White, and let me tell you that Lauren had to explain the joke to me because for whatever reason I didn't connect the name of the tea, with... y'know... Barry White.

I am suitably ashamed of myself.

This tea's main selling point for me was the presence of lychee, and lychee scent (a sweet, light smell) is really prevalent. This is a tea that needs no additions except for maybe a little bit of honey.

Also, Snowflake tea from over at Tealoha was picked up because I had run out of the first batch I bought just as they opened. I am going through this coconut-and-almond black tea like it's going out of style, which maybe it is, I don't know. Is there a 'style' for tea? In any case, it is stocked alongside Berry White.

I've also got honey from the Bee Well Honey and Natural Market store up in Pickens. Local raw honey is pretty much the best.

And then there are the DVD's.

Is there anything more comforting when you're home sick than watching your favorite TV shows, episode after episode, until your brain has gone completely numb and you fall back asleep?

Well, I'm assuming the snuggly cat will be more comforting than that, but the DVD's will come close.

I have my favorites represented here, because I can guarantee they will be watched. Archer, the Venture Brothers, the movie Clue (which I will lay against any other comedy and Clue will win), and...

The most important movie I own for when I am feeling low.

The Lion King.

It is my favorite movie. It is the movie I play when I am sick, or sad, or hurting, or just feeling in need of something I know will make the world seem like a better place. I have seen this movie more times than I can count. I saw the musical on Broadway thanks to the incredible generosity of my in-laws. I saw it in Greenville when it played at the Peace Center and squeezed Jason's hand too tightly the whole time. I own two copies of the DVD, for some reason. I think I stole one from my parents.


I plan it to be the first thing I watch when I get home after my medical thing is over, and I guarantee I will feel better when the credits roll than I did before I put it in.

I had my second and final appointment before the medical thing today. They took blood, which I never enjoy. I had the happiest phlebotomist in the world, which was both infuriating and completely not infuriating, because she was too nice to be annoyed at.

Also, for some reason the nice people in clinics are always deeply shocked when I tell them I don't have any food allergies. I have no idea why this is. There are still people with no food allergies in the world, right?

I'll see you tomorrow... and then I'll be going dark for a bit for the weekend.

By which I mean I will be on the couch, asleep, while Jason makes soup.

Because he is awesome.


  1. Haha, anytime I mention Clue you pop up to tell me you love it. It's like the Crispy-Signal.


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