Monday, July 15, 2013

Lists Because I Can: My Weekend

The following things happened over the last few days:

1. The sky looked like that one night, and all that purple was too beautiful not to share. At the very top of one of those trees was a bird singing to me, but he's too small to see in the photograph. 

2. I started working on my stuck-at-home-because-of-medical-stuff sanity kit. Due to a medical issue that I would prefer to leave of an unspecified nature, I am going to be trapped in my house for the better part of a month. I want to make sure I do not go completely crazy, so before Friday Jason and I wanted to have everything lined up; we're going to deep-clean the house this week, I've gotten a couple of things to keep me going. I'll share them with you in a bit when I can remember where my camera went, heh.

3. We went to the Grand Opening for a new local brewery, Quest! Neue Southern and ASADA, awesome food trucks, were there serving food for the event. Jason and I were actually really impressed at how well Quest managed the crowd; they had a line into the tasting room for people paying with credit, and a line for people paying with cash that went to a tent outside. The food trucks were stationed far enough apart that there was no chance of their lines overlapping or becoming confusing.

Jason and I picked ASADA this time; I had a nopale (cactus) and mushroom taco that was basically heaven on earth and now I am spoiled for all other food and nothing will ever make me as happy as that taco did. Well, except for the beer! I tried Quest's IPA, the BPA, and the Coffee Stout. I'm a dark beer girl, so I wasn't surprised that I wasn't the biggest fan of the IPA or BPA. They're good beer, lots of character for pale ales, but I tend to like a beer that can double as supper, should the need arise, and the Coffee Stout did not disappoint. It was basically a loaf of delicious chocolate-coffee bread in a glass, just the way I like it. Very smooth taste; the coffee was not a bitter flavor, but almost a sweet.

4. While there we hung out with a couple of friends of ours; my friend Jessi who is the light of my life and love of my heart gave me some of the best things ever; three gourds to sand down and paint! I am the happiest person alive every time I look at 'em. I mean, the picture doesn't look like much because I haven't washed and sanded and primed them yet but GOURDS. You may remember that I am a fan of gourd art. Now I get to make my own! Well, after I'm not longer on medication after my medical thing.

5. I ate a lot of delicious foods.

6. The sky also looked like this one night, which was decidedly more ominous than the pretty purple above. That night, I drove home from work out of one crazy-dark storm cell, into three minutes of glorious sunshine, and then into a different crazy-dark storm cell. The second one hailed on me.

I did not like that storm cell.

7. I received a bridal shower invitation this weekend and a wedding invitation today; I am unreasonably excited about both of these things. Even though there's a distinct possibility I will be very drugged up at the bridal shower still, from my medical thing.

8. I had tea with my friend Lauren today over at Tealoha, which I have now been to three times since it opened. Because I tend to become very loyal very quickly to places I think are delicious. We wandered over to the Charleston Tea & Spice Exchange, which is brand new in downtown Greenville. I may or may not have walked out with an Earl Grey Creme for Jason and a White Berry Tea for myself. By 'may or may not' I mean I totally did.

Spice blends! Looseleaf tea! Jalapeno sea salt! Adorable tiny wooden bowls to house your salt in! Mortar and pestles! Did I mention the tea! Chocolate salt! Chocolate tea! Chocolate everything!

 Frankly, I'm just happy I made it out of there without having to give them the deed to our house to cover the bill.

9. I also spent some time relaxing at the library, which was mostly to try and start my week in the best possible frame of mind. I forgot to eat lunch before I left though, and found myself absolutely starving. I grabbed lunch in the in-library coffee shop, the Palmetto Bean Cafe; I had their grilled cheese and soup lunch option and it was great! A Tuscan chickpea soup, and the grilled cheese was crunchy and gooey exactly the way it should be. It's all about comfort food for me this week.

10. I spent a lot of time worrying about little things in order to try and keep myself from remembering that I am actually worried about one big thing. I am rapidly losing the battle against my compulsive nail-biting.

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