Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Care Packages & Candy

I received a box in the mail today, a care package from my family back in Illinois.

I have a hunch that my niece was allowed to dictate much of what went in. See if you can't guess why I think that.

All of this was inside:
a coloring book (with puppies!)
a box of crayons (which I promptly spilled all over the place)
A stuffed horse, which my aunt made
Werther's Originals Coffee hard candies
A mosaic of an owl made by my niece
A set of Build-a-Buddies
A coffee-scented marker
A Draw-by-Marker coloring book (with Hello Kitty!)
a puzzle (of kitties!)
an on-the-go drink tumbler from my hometown
a huge rolled-up paper in which my niece drew, I imagine, herself with her arms out to hug me from ten hours away. Cue tears.
A lion on the chest of the girl in the drawing, which she helpfully labeled 'lion'. Because I love the Lion King so very much that my five-year-old niece tries to include references to it in the things she draws for me.

a mug, also from my hometown!

I had mentioned that I was excited that our tiny little hometown had made branded coffee mugs and to-go cups, and my plan for my visit for the Fourth of July had been to pick a couple up while I was in town. You can take me out of McLean, but you can't take McLean out of me, you know?

That visit was canceled, since recovery is taking up all my sick time and most if not all my remaining vacation, but they brought my family and McLean to me!

My niece is five-going-on-thirty. She is growing up way faster than she is allowed to, and I have told her this before, but she insists on aging whenever I'm not around nonetheless. Tricky girl.

Today's care package arrived on a day when cabin fever had seen me try to sweep the kitchen floor... which, big mistake, by the way. Also I need to stop admitting to this stuff on Facebook, since this particular attempt to clean got me scolded by my friend Sarah and found my sister typing out my whole name in her comment, which everyone knows means you are really in trouble. 

Now I have all these things from the people at home, and it's wonderful.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go get myself hopped up on sugar and color me some puppies.


  1. That is so sweet! I love that your niece included so much. I would love to receive colouring books... I'm definitely a child at heart.

  2. Yeah, my niece knows I am into art and this is her way of giving me something to do while I'm sick! I loved this. It's such a heartfelt care package. Also, who doesn't love puppies, right?

  3. This is ridiculously sweet. I LOVE care packages -- my BFF moves all over the country for various fellowships and stuff, and I love sending her big padded envelopes full of random toys and single-serve aspirin and stuff. I hope this brightened your whole day. :)


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