Friday, July 26, 2013

5 Things - To the Sea and the Sun

1. This song by Laura Marling, which is where the title for this post comes from. Laura Marling is a strange, vaguely supernatural creature; younger than me, her voice is oddly wise and there is a gravity to her and her music that makes her seem far older than she is.

My favorite song of hers is Devil's Spoke, but she has this new album that just came out and it is amazing. She's been a little bit of an open secret to people who love this kind of music; the people in her scene, who do similar music, have been getting more and more famous but she remains a huge influence that doesn't often find her way onto the bigger music websites, until this new album.

When I saw them review her new album on NPR, I squealed out loud. I would love for her stuff to become more accessible to your average Joe in the USA.

Listen to this song; there's a sense of old mountains about her music, a mix of blues and spirituals, bluegrass and 60's folk music and a woman outside a cabin in the 1930's Appalachians playing a guitar.

2. This maxi dress by Laura, who runs the shop kupukupuapparel over on etsy. It's a T-shirt dress with pockets, a gorgeous peacock-blue teal, and looks like it is made of the most comfortable material on the planet. It's basically the perfect fall dress.

Now I just have to decide if it's eighty dollars the perfect fall dress.

I find myself musing over what I could wear with it; sweaters, in the fall and winter, so that it becomes more a skirt than a dress. Cardigans and boots to make it appropriate for work in our air-conditioning, which I could do year-round. By itself with piles of jewelry and sandals in the summer...

I just like to daydream.

Don't judge me.

3. In December of 2010, half a year's worth of rain fell in a single day around Uluru, of the famous Red Rock of Australia.

When this rain fell, it created rare bursts of waterfalls running down the rock, a thing of absolute beauty. Uluru takes your breath away; it's easy for me to see why the aboriginal Australian faith has Uluru at the center of everything. It's on my bucket list to see it in person one day, but I keep running into the problem where Australia is thousands of miles away and also full of things that are trying to kill me.

Well, to be fair, it's full of things trying to kill everybody.

In any case, the photo above is taken from a blog post I stumbled across. It's definitely worth going to look; the post consists of a series of photos showing the rain sweeping in, lingering, and then a rainbow after it's gone... and then the gorgeous series of photos of the water running down the rock.

Go look through, and tell me that Earth is not an amazing place, full of incredible things.

4. This is an evening ensemble from 1853 in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I would like us all to take a moment and be thankful that we no longer have to wear dresses that are this elaborate.

I realize that I probably have more than a couple of readers who would adore getting to dress like this on a regular basis, and trust me, I would love for you to dress like that, too. Just so long as I don't have to.

This tomboy loves her pants, and her T-shirts, and also really really really loves not having to wear petticoats.

On the other hand, I would kill for a button-up in that fabric.

Well, maybe not kill. I would definitely kick someone in the shins for it, though.

5. Watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame the other day (what? Disney movies help time pass! What did I just say about not judging me?), I realized all over again how much I want to see the cathedral itself. I know that the effect will be somewhat spoiled by all the other tourists just like me snapping photos of every column, but I want to see the Rose Windows with a need bordering on the pathological.

These are some of the greatest works of art ever made by man. The South Rose Window is huge, and in effect are a series of images allowing even the most illiterate person to walk through the Bible.

Stained glass is incredible, beautiful even in small doses, but the Rose window is one of the best stained glass pieces of all time.

I would just absolutely love to see it in person one day.

So, there you go. I've brought you music, fancy dresses, not-so-fancy dresses, stained glass, and waterfalls in one of the driest parts of the world.

Anything cool on the internet you've found yourself lingering over today? Put a link in the comments! You know I could use the entertainment.


  1. Oh man, I constantly think about the kinds of clothes I would have been socially obligated to wear in decades or centuries ago. When it's like 90 out and I'm wearing a bikini top and cut offs around the house, I picture a petticoat and think I'm going to vomit.

    That's a gorgeous dress though.

  2. Lady, you are all up in my blog today! Awesome :)

    I read somewhere that all Southern higher-class ladies essentially just took naps all afternoon. They'd all go shut themselves up in someone's bedroom suite, undress until they were in their underthings, and just... be unconscious.

    Some days, I wish I got to do that.

    Although I guess right now I can, haha.

  3. If you're into the women's prison theme... Netflix has a show out now called Orange is the New Black. The show is pretty fantastic. And who wouldn't love Kate Mulgrew with a Russian accent? It's somewhat based on a true story, but I'm told it deviates quite a bit for the sake of a good show. Thirteen hour long episodes worth checking out. Should take some time out of your day, at the least.


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