Thursday, June 27, 2013


Dr. Indiana Jones is a valiant and steadfast guardian.

He ensures I am safe, and know exactly what threats may exist outside our walls.

For instance, I always know when our neighbors are doing yard work. In his mind, that's probably a threat of some kind.

Granted, he also growls when he sees squirrels, or birds, or that one time when the chipmunk was in our garden...

Laugh if you will...

but when the chipmunk army comes, Indy will be ready for them.


  1. Honey too. It DOES make me feel safer knowing she will go crazy on anything that moves within 200 feet of the house.

  2. Sam: Yeah, it's definitely a little reassuring, and also he's very sensitive to my mood, so if someone's in the yard... normally he's got his tail going a mile-a-minute and is super excited, but if I get nervous or tense up, he immediately switches over to protective growling. So that's kind of nice to know.

    Jessica: Aw, thanks! Jason was kind of sad because our original idea was to give all our dogs Nordic names (Bjorn, for instance), but when I looked at him I just thought... Indiana Jones is perfect for this dog. Plus it lets me tell people, "We named the dog Indiana," haha.


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