Saturday, June 1, 2013

Things From My Phone

I cannot tell you how much I love having short hair. I end up growing it out over the course of a year or so, because I am terrible at doing more than the occasional trim, and then we cycle back around to South Carolina's incredibly humid spring and summer and I can't take it anymore. Usually around the time I realize I have done nothing but wash my hair and pull it back in a ponytail for a week straight, I decide it's time to visit the nice people at Great Clips and listen to them tell me you have so much hair fifteen thousand times while most of it finds its way to the floor.

On the other hand, the humidity is still nothing to sneeze at (or rather, the air is the thing that is making me sneeze forever and always), so headbands and I? We become very, very good friends. And we are going to stay friends until the temperature gets back into something I consider manageable.

Which... will probably be late October.

In any case, I have barely taken any real photos at all with my regular camera this week, so I don't have any good stuff to show. Also I received some less-than-stellar news yesterday, so I'm not exactly feeling overly effusive.

Here's a few things from the last several days that are helping brighten my mood:

The bracelet I bought at Artisphere and my two new bracelets from Liz Daly Designs in downtown Greenville. Between those three, they will go with essentially 80% of my summer wardrobe. I'm still eyeing the turquoise and orange from Nicole Wayne, though.

I've got a wedding anniversary coming up, right? That's a reason for presents, isn't it? I don't even know. Do you even get presents at five years? Is there some kind of etiquette for this?

I don't know why I'm even asking; I am terrible at etiquette. I still have to remind myself not to stick my elbows on the table when I'm eating.

(Also I know I took that photo in my car, but I swear upon all that is holy that I wasn't driving at the time.)

Puppy playdates!

Jason had some friends over last night, and a couple I had previously not met came by, Hester and... I do not remember her SO's name, which makes me a terrible hostess, but in my defense I wasn't actually there most of the night. In any case, they brought their little four-month-old pile of extra skin and cute over and he and Indy got on like gangbusters.

It was actually really difficult to get them to hold still long enough to even get a photo this good.

I'm debating blowing it up poster-size and tacking it up over the bed with white text over it that reads "THIS IS WHY WE NEED ANOTHER DOG. LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FACE."

Because why have one dog when you can have two dogs, right?


There's a great scene in an earlier season of the Simpsons when they visit Australia, and Marge tries to order a cup of coffee and it turns out they don't know what that is, they only serve beer. That scene runs through my head literally every single time I am buying beer.

Last night before meeting my friends for dinner, I stopped over at Community Tap, a locally owned beer, wine, and growler store. My original plan was just to pick up that four-pack of local Greenville brewery Thomas Creek's new Chocolate Orange IPA, but I ended up walking away with Vanilla Cream Ale, too, which we had before and really liked. I'm not usually an IPA person, but Jason and I tried the Chocolate Orange last night and agreed it's probably the strongest IPA we've ever tasted. Nice and super-hoppy, a really strong flavor, bright citrus notes. I really enjoyed it! If you like a really mild IPA, though, you may not like it.

I picked up Edible Upcountry while I was there, too, a local foodie magazine that has expanded more and more in the couple of years we've been living here. I know at first I could only find it in a couple of places, but it's kind of exploded now! My favorite natural foods store (and coffee bar, not coincidentally) in Pickens carries the magazine now.

Our first tomatoes! They hardly count right now because they are the size of my thumb, but I noticed while looking them over today before I left for work that we have at least eight of those little things starting to pop up! I am so excited for fried green tomatoes and then ripe ones later on!

Jason and I planted an herb garden out front this year, as well as keeping a hanging basket strawberry bush (that is producing exactly two strawberries at a time, which is... kind of problematic if we want to do more than eat them in two bites), and then we have this tomato plant and a hot pepper plant, too.


Fried green tomatoes.

Cannot wait.

I force Jason to make most fried things. Something in his southern blood means he is better at frying stuff. Don't argue with me; we've proven this through many, many attempts and pseudo-failures on my part and the seemingly effortless perfectly crispy frying on his. In my expert scientific opinion, southern people are just better at frying stuff.

Except pumpkin blossoms.

I am a boss at pumpkin blossoms.

These Old Navy shoes.

I am living in these shoes right now.

They're cute enough to wear nicer places, but casual enough to just wear with jeans and a T-shirt wherever I go on my day off, too. I have them in which off-white color and in black, but it's really the off-white that I find myself pulling on every other day or so.

Being as they cost me something like 15 dollars, I don't actually expect them to last much longer than this summer (I have a somewhat similar pair of orange shoes I bought last year that have basically no rope braid left on the back already), but I think I've already gotten my money's worth.

So, yeah.

Those are some things making me smile right now.

I hope at least one of them made you smile, too.


  1. Hi Katie,
    Thank's for the lovely comment over on my blog the other day. Totally made my day!
    Haha and I totally agree with you about it being hard not to pick the veggies and fruit that grow when you have a garden. It's so tempting and somethings it's hard to know when it really is at its ripest.
    I hope your are able to have as many fried green tomatoes as possible this summer. ;)

  2. Aw, thanks for coming over to say hi!

    Trust me; fried green tomatoes will happen. If our tomato plant does what I think it's going to do? I bet I can totally gorge on them and still have tomatoes left over to ripen, haha.


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