Friday, June 7, 2013

5 Things Friday - All Links, All The Time

Every time I think to myself, you know, I don't need any more coffee mugs (usually I have this thought while playing the Tetris game that is trying to fit all our mugs on the shelf they belong in), I see something like this, and I realize that there can never be enough.

Or then I see a shirt and I think, maybe enough mugs (as I force the cabinet door shut and it insistently cracks outward, just the slightest bit, pushed by a handle I just can't figure out)... maybe enough mugs...

but never enough shirts, right? I say this while steadfastly not looking at the jillion other shirts in my closet.

I really need to stop going to anthropologie's website. I feel like soon there's going to be some kind of serious talk about spending way too much time on websites for clothes I can't afford.

But my impending clothing and/or mug intervention is not really why I'm posting today.

I'm just going to leave a few links here, some interesting things I've been clicking around on this week.

1. Dressed Up Like a Lady is one of my absolute favorite of-all-time fashion blogs. Cammila wears the weirdest, coolest things and strangest, best outfits with grace and a serious rock-and-roll attitude. The post of hers I want to share, though, is her 'What I Eat' post, or at least the first one of what looks to be a series.

One of the things that I had to look at, when getting healthier, was how my exercise plan was and continues to be a big part of it (albeit one I am keeping to myself, for a couple of reasons), but what I was putting into myself was more important. The regional/local delivery service that we are currently getting vegetables and fruits from is fantastic, in no small part because it's thanks to them that I have been eating enough greens to choke a small donkey.

Now, I don't eat exactly like Cammila does (I am far too much a fan of meat, bread, and my demerara sugar), but the woman knows what she's talking about. Go read! Read! Read and leeeeeeeearn! And keep in mind that Cammila isn't telling you what to do, except when she totally and completely is. Because she is awesome.

2.  The Navajo Nation has been working hard for years to preserve their language and make it more widely spoken and available to the population. One of their latest efforts is also one of the coolest; they're translating Star Wars, from start to finish.

The Navajo language is one of the most complex languages in the world. They touch on it in the NPR interview that this link is to, when he talks about the different types of objects. Well, that counts for nearly everything. The professor who taught my absolute favorite class in college (a Languages of Native North America class I took my senior year; I was one of only a few undergrads and definitely the only art major in the class, I'll tell you that) worked extensively with the Navajo and much of our classwork touched on their way of shaping thoughts into objects; round, small, soft, rigid, flat.

So... that's really cool.

3. This CNN piece of fluff on tomboy style.

'Tomboy' is an interesting term, since it is basically just used to denote any woman that dresses in a fashion that's been declared 'masculine', or at least less than 'feminine' by her particular culture. What means feminine and masculine, of course, changes rapidly with time; less than a hundred and fifty years ago, pink was considered the 'masculine' color (after all, it's a shade of red and what color is more dynamic and manly than red?) and blue the more wishy-washy 'feminine' one.

At some point, fairly recently insofar as history goes, we decided to switch those colors up.

Then, we pretend it's set in stone and I can't find a single baby girl dress for my friend's soon-to-be that isn't pink or so couched in ruffles I can't imagine how anyone's baby is supposed to play in it.

I really like the slideshow, personally, although I may disagree here and there with who CNN declares a 'tomboy', or what makes one. But it's always been nice to see other women in the world who never felt comfortable in the odd, uncomfortable little ruffles and floofy things girls are often informed they are supposed to wear.

This whole conversation makes everyone so glad for my mother that she had another daughter who did enjoy the occasional floofy thing, doesn't it?

4. Merrick's Art's DIY on making a version of the anthropologie patterned-back shirt I like so much. She always makes her DIY's look so great.

This is probably the answer to my "love all the things at anthro, maybe I can afford that single teacup" problem. You know, to just learn how to sew and make my own!

But I think we all know I'm too lazy to do that.

Instead I'm going to read the DIY and then go back to sighing wistfully over the pretty things. And sighing more heavily over their price tags.

Send help.

5. Here's something you haven't been hearing much about on the news; there's a tuberculosis outbreak in upstate South Carolina.

I'm not joking.

An employee at a local elementary school was put on home quarantine after they tested positive. More than 400 people in the school system have been tested now, and more than 50 people have had preliminary positive test (those people are not necessarily contagious; mostly, children aren't. That's something new I learned today.)

The employee I am calling Patient Zero, because I have read too many zombie books. They are likely the first to have the disease of this particular outbreak... and they ignored DHEC's instructions to stay home, lied to DHEC about where they were going or who they had spoken to (and who therefore might be at risk), and changed their story more than once.

So DHEC sent them to "a medical facility", to be "contained". So that they wouldn't continue going places where more people would be exposed to the pathogen. Because apparently when DHEC told this person they had TB, a hugely contagious disease that has been one of the top killers of mankind since the dawn of our species, their response was to go cough on people.

Good job, buddy.

What's even more interesting than that?

DHEC has known about this since March, and the news reports are just coming out now. The superintendent of the school apparently wasn't informed about why DHEC had swarmed all over the school until late May, at which point he sent out notes to parents as fast as he could.

So... would you like to have a conversation about how angry and scared all those kids' parents must be, finding out that their children were at risk and DHEC's response was, 'meh, we'll tell 'em later'?

Well, now it's actually out that DHEC screwed up and, in response, they apparently fired several people.

It's all very exciting.

I have been staring at everyone who coughs without covering their mouth with growing, obvious horror as the days go on, as the school in question isn't actually all that far from where I work or where I live. I am bathing in hand sanitizer at work all day.

I kind of feel like there's going to be a movie about this in six years and Morgan Freeman will play someone wise who nobody listens to until it's too late, and they'll only just barely contain it, and maybe monkeys will be involved somehow.

Wait, I think they already made that movie.


  1. Oh girl, it totally caught me by surprise that I'm IN THIS POST!! Wow, I'm seriously flattered! And thank GOD at least the cool folks like you understand my tone. You know how touchy people can be on the internet.

    Anyway -- oh man, I am the worst about keeping my hands off of new and strange coffee mugs. The things are like, industrial. They NEVER break, and yet I can't help buying one (or five) more every time I hit Etsy or the thrift shop. The Scandinavian looking designs on this Anthropologie one are freakin' beautiful!

    And as if this comment weren't long enough already: you're so spot on about the Tomboy style article. And the culture surrounding gender specifics in general. I'm not asking all of Western culture to dispense with all gender identity, but can we acknowledge a LITTLE intersection in the gender Venn Diagram, please?

  2. Hey, cool to see you here! I'll pretend not to be vaguely starstruck, because I totally am.

    Yeah, we had to institute the "rule of one more" when it comes to my coffee mug obsession; if I buy one new mug, i have to get rid of one of the old ones, which has severely curtailed how often I buy them because I love all my mugs so much, haha. But when one chips I get obscenely happy about getting to buy a new one.

    People are so weird about needing gender to be 100% obvious; like the way that people get, I think unreasonably upset, when someone thinks their baby girl is a baby boy or their boy is a girl. Babies all look vaguely the same, I don't see why it's a problem if people mistake one for the other occasionally? I've never understood why people just get so upset.

    I've never been good at the 'feminine' stuff; I spent most of middle and high school almost exclusively wearing men's pants (because they were measured! 32 inches was 32 inches! also I enjoyed the "pay less for more fabric" thing) and got a LOT of crap about it... but why did they care, exactly? I've never figured out how it affected them enough to be a bother, you know?

  3. glad to find your interesting blog. I think I came here via the noisy plume. Lovely space.


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