Monday, May 13, 2013

Like Sunday Morning

It was a good weekend.

Saturday we hit up a friend's birthday party, where I ate entirely too much spicy guacamole and regret nothing. Also we watched a six-year-old run around wearing the remains of the Snow White pinata as a hat, which is its own kind of joy.

Artisphere happened this last weekend, and while that whole adult-with-a-job-every-Saturday thing meant I had to miss Friday and Saturday's festivities, we were still able to make it up there Sunday morning. The events downtown are one of the reasons we love Greenville so much, and Artisphere is one of the best. Artists apply for booths to run up and down Main Street, which is shut down for the most part to handle the pedestrian traffic.

There's a lot of pedestrian traffic, you see.

The booths are great; there's a really good mix of photography, painting, other 2D options as well as jewelry, metalworking, woodworking, ceramics and tons of 3D work as well. Jason and I hit up nearly every booth for a while, really taking a good look.

Then we realized we had begun to skip booths simply because we were hungry, and wandered back up Main Street to try a new place I'd seen in the news; Sully's Steamers.

Sully's is a steamed-bagel-sandwiches kind of place. I had an idea of what I was in for the minute I realized how large the menu was. We were greeted almost immediately by the friendly people working there and decided to eat our sandwiches outside since it was so nice and there is some seating out there in the sunshine.

I couldn't decide what I even wanted (there were simply too many delicious-sounding things), so I ordered a "wild card", which is basically telling a bunch of strangers behind a counter "I trust you with my taste buds; do whatever." I told them I have no allergies and I like everything, so make me something cool.

I got a Sinful Steamer on a jalapeno bagel.

To say it was good is... somewhat of an understatement.

It was awesome. Cheese, barbecue sauce, meatballs, bacon... it was all there on a slightly-spicy, chewing, crispy-outside bagel sandwich. Jason got something called "Ted Wins", but I honestly have no idea what that was because I hardly looked at his sandwich; I was way too focused on my own.

 Definitely a place we're going back to, especially on days when we head downtown and really walk all over the place and work up an appetite.

After lunch, we were right back into the crowd so we could check out the booths we had been missing. I ended up picking up a bracelet from Nicole Wayne, this awesome very simple bright summer green;

I am currently making eyes at the turquoise and burnt orange iterations as well. Longing, hopeful eyes.

We had to head back so we could get ready for Mother's Day dinner over at my in-laws' house, which was a great time... except for the part where our dog chased their cat up a tree because he wants to be friends so badly and cats tend to mistake that eager speed for hunting. That was sort of mortifying.

He did love all the open space in their yard to run in and all the new people to slobber all over. He's actually pretty chill today; I guess his weekend wore him out as much as it did us.

Today is less fun; errands, mostly, and a long-overdue dental appointment that I can't say I'm particularly excited about. It was interesting to talk to the receptionist who answered the phone and hear her sort of amused resignation when I told her how long it had been since I'd gone to a dentist, though. I'm guessing she gets that a lot, especially since so many people lost insurance during the recession and so many people my age never really could afford it in the first place.

So, basically, today is brought to you by the magic of benefits.

Favorite booths at Artisphere; obviously Nicole Wayne, Sandi Garris, Marie-Helene Grabman, William Baker, Donald Boudreau, Amy and Jeff Dallas, and Vincent van Gourd.

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