Monday, May 6, 2013

Is... Is That Blue Sky?



Divine, amazing, sacred sunshine-y awesome not-raining blue sky!

So of course I dragged the dog out for a freakishly long walk to enjoy it.

The trail was a little worse for wear after three straight days of downpour with occasional wind-gusts (we met the clean-up crew on our way back, clearing away the debris), but that didn't stop me and my intrepid canine companion. We laugh in the face of damp!

6 and a quarter miles later, we finally decided to be tired and crawled back in the car to come home. He started running circles in the yard an hour later. It's taking me... somewhat longer to get my energy back.

Today I've managed to make a cajun chicken salad for Jason and I to eat for lunch at work, started on tonight's dinner (sort of; I washed some of the greens that will make up the salad because why not?), have had about enough coffee, working on the second load of laundry, and I'm cleaning the bedroom. One could almost feel accomplished if one could not turn around and see what a mess the living room is.

That's why I just don't turn around.

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