Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Haircuts, Fuzzy Demon-Things, and Other Such Nonsense

Most of the time when I disappear for a few days with no advance warning, it's a good sign.

This last weekend is no exception.

I really did mean to write something, but I got a bit swept up in my weekend! I may have over scheduled myself between Sunday and Monday, but I regret nothing.

Sunday was kind of a whirlwind from morning through night; I had plans starting from 11 AM and didn't even get back to my house until sometime around... seven? Maybe? I honestly don't even know anymore.

I remember getting a haircut, though, and then having lunch with a friend at Coffee Underground (because seriously, not having caffeine until nearly 1:30 in the afternoon is simply unacceptable). That's got to count for something. We wandered the shops downtown until I couldn't help myself and picked up a couple of neat leather bracelets at Liz Daly that go with basically everything I wear all summer long.

The worst part was wandering around the new anthropologie in downtown Greenville, because this season's clothing may as well be a letter addressed to me that I cannot afford the postage for. Except that that metaphor doesn't make any sense, but we're going to ignore that.

When we landed back at my house, my friend had asked about some books on history and I think I ended up pulling something like fourteen off my shelves, stuffing them in a bag, and giving them to her to borrow. She may regret having asked to borrow "a few" and letting me choose what counts as "few".

Monday, I had lunch with two friends and their respective children, a toddler boy and a spankin' new infant girl. We ate at Tealoha, which is about as new as Sarah's baby.

I am planning a return visit with Jason and to try and remember to take photos then. Tealoha has much the same concept as a coffeeshop, but with variations of tea taking the place of espresso or coffee in the drinks. It was incredibly light and airy in there, thanks to a nice forest-green and light brown color scheme. Every single worker we dealt with was friendly, and actually I'm fairly sure I met the owner and she was lovely and friendly, too. So all-around a great atmosphere.

I had a Masala Chai Latte which was blissful heaven. Sarah had the same, but iced and blended, and that was like delicious spiced ice cream. Jo had the blended Jasmine green and strawberry. We all had a sandwich and Sarah and I ended up splitting a chocolate marble loaf because who can resist dessert? Everyone knows if you split it, it doesn't count.

I had a turkey and bacon sandwich. It came on super crunchy ciabatta bread and was divine. There was pesto, and some greens I could put on it so I could pretend it was healthy... delightful.

The only negative thing I can even come up with is that the sandwiches were a little higher-priced than I'd like, as they didn't really come with any side dish of any sort. I think that will probably be rectified later, though, and has more to do with the place having literally just opened and still getting its sea legs, so to speak. I would have appreciated some fresh veggies, chips, or the option of a cup of soup or little garden salad or something like that for what I paid.

The drinks, though. I ended up buying a few ounces of looseleaf tea to take home, and I've already gone through half of it. Whoops. Oh no. I'll have to buy more. However shall I cope.

This has nothing to do with anything, it's just a picture of a weird animal Jason and I saw a couple of weeks ago and I just realized I never showed anyone.

What is this? Is it a groundhog? A mole? Some kind of fuzzy demon? I demand an answer to this mystery that doesn't involve me having to put any effort into finding out!

Anyway, right. I was trying to explain my weekend.

I ran through the grocery store, came home, and had enough time to throw together some Irish Soda Bread (this is not quite the recipe I use; I got mine out of a 3- and 4-ingredient cookbook I bought back when I had my very first apartment in college) before we ran over to my in-laws' to have dinner. My sister-in-law is about to head to Italy for a few weeks for a study-abroad program and we wanted to make sure we saw her off right! Which, on my end, apparently just involves being paranoid about all the bad things that could happen.

Which is basically what I do.

Obviously I could have thrown something together yesterday, but while I had Tuesday off (since I work Saturdays, my long holiday weekends are Sunday-Tuesday) I did... surprisingly little. Other than a story I'm going to tell you for tomorrow's blog post, because I think it's funny enough to deserve its own post.

Today I was back at work, and I'm home to heat up leftover lentil and rainbow chard soup I found while googling what to do with rainbow chard and made for dinner last night. I threw in a couple of cut-up zucchini since I had no celery or carrots and one of my favorite tricks, a chipotle boullion cube from a box my friend Shelly gave us forever ago. I'm still working through it, but it's my favorite trick to add extra spicy flavor. Also I sure did not use a gallon of chicken broth. Because that is a lot of broth.

So, in short... whew.

This doesn't have to do with anything either, except that this shows you what happens when I try to take a nice haircut photo.

We are a photogenic people.

Or not.

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