Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby Got a Brand New Bag

I has a new bag!

I ordered it from Monday Morning Studios over on etsy. It takes her about two weeks to make the bag to order, and then she sends it out. I received it last weekend and have been carting it around essentially nonstop since.

The fabric is really thick and strong, the inside is lime green which is one of my favorite colors (the other is that turquoise blue on my shirt up there), the print is super cute, the colors basically go with every single thing I own. The leather strap is cut to order and adjustable, so I can wear it as a tote bag or the way I am up there, as a messenger bag.

Basically, this person? This person is my purse person now. Forever.

It comes with a pretty, helpful tag and a note thanking you for your order.

Also the colors?

The colors are perfect.

Even the dog likes it.

 I will pretty much be wearing this all summer, I can already tell.

And, y'know, into fall.

Maybe in winter, too.

Sorry things have mostly been radio silence this week; I haven't been feeling great, so I haven't been up to much, which means my life doesn't exactly make for interesting stories.

Unless you really enjoy stories about me drinking tea, because I am doing that like a boss.

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