Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tomboy Style, of a Sort; Hardly a Sweater at All

It was seriously too nice to stay home yesterday when I got out of work, or today when we woke up. Which means I have walked something like 9.5 miles in less than 24 hours, which is cool. Exhausting, but cool.

Last night, we did our usual walk by Furman University with the puppy, up to where you just hit Travelers' Rest, and then turned back around and came back just as the sun was setting.


 Never let it be said that I only take flattering photos of myself for this blog. Sometimes, I wait until we are at the very tail end of a slightly sweaty 7 mile walk before I even pull out the camera.

This morning, we drove down to the Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery, since it's on a part of the trail we hadn't walked Indy on yet. We had originally planned to have breakfast and then walk, but discovered we had showed up almost an hour before they opened. So... walk first.

Very, very hungry walk first.

Once we wandered back, it was sandwiches and chips and iced coffee and delight. And then a cookie.

Jason had turkey & provolone, I had the veggie & hummus up there. We split our bags of chips that came with so we had half-regular chips, half-spicy habanero chips. Which were exactly as amazingly delicious as that sounds.

It started out a little chilly when we left, but it warmed up fast, which made me glad I was wearing a sweater that frankly is only a sweater is name.

It is also one of my favorite sweaters, because it is teal and ridiculously soft.

Seriously. I started out the walk wearing this and an orange hoodie over it, and ended the walk 45 minutes later wishing I'd maybe worn a T-shirt instead, since we were directly underneath the sun the whole time.

After breakfast... or brunch... or lunch... or whatever you want to call it, we went over to Home Depot and grabbed a new mower, since our lawn mower decided to unceremoniously die on us just as the weather started to get beautiful enough for the wild onions that grow alongside the grass in our yard to start sprouting up like crazy. We had some time to look over the herbs and plants and decide what exactly we're going to do with the little brick-bordered pseudo-garden along our front walkway.

Because it's our house and we can plant what we want to.


Since we've come back, Jason worked on unclogging a drain in our master bathroom that he described as "something women and children may want to avert their eyes from" once he got a good look at it. Then he took it outside and I have no idea what happened after that.

Frankly, I don't want to know.

Now we're working on a late lunch, we'll probably grab groceries, I'm working on laundry and this is going to be the most accomplished Sunday ever.

Go Team Faulk.

Sweater from aerie, tank top from... I don't know, maybe Walmart? It's ancient. Necklace from our local Fiore Boutique, jeans from Old Navy, purse is JCPenney, shoes are ridiculously old Skechers.

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