Friday, April 5, 2013

One Question

A single thought I have for you today:

When I die, hopefully when I am one hundred and fifty years old and all my great-grandchildren think I am some kind of wrinkled immortal vampire, God will raise me up to heaven and He will tell me, "Katie, my child, you may ask me any question. Only one, but no matter what the question is, I will answer you."

I will answer, "Just one?"

He will reply, "Yes, my daughter. One question. You may ask any question in the universe. I will answer."

I will ponder this for a while. There are so many questions, after all, so many that are important, so many I will never find out on my own.

Then I will look Him in the eye, assuming of course God has eyes I can look into, and I will ask, "God, how is it that so much pet hair can get on kitchen counters the pets themselves have never so much as touched?"

And He will know the answer.

And I will be at peace.

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