Monday, April 8, 2013

Even My Dog is a Southern Gentleman

He asks ever so nicely to go outside.

Did a nice long 7-mile walk with the dog all over the Swamp Rabbit Trail earlier today. I was trying to beat previous not-paying-attention-times (which I absolutely did) and we were both pretty worn out by the time we finished. Usually it doesn't wear him out, but we've done three walks in three days. We're already over fifteen miles so far this week. He's spent most of the afternoon either playing with his new toys or conked out on the couch.

Or trying valiantly to do both.

I made this spinach, chicken, mushroom and wild rice casserole tonight. It was good! But I switched up a few things and I have a sneaking suspicion my switch-outs made for a meal meant for six turning into a meal meant for twelve. Oh, well. That just means we get delicious food for days.

Seriously, I won't even need to adjust when I start having kids to cook for. I'm already cooking for a family of five when there's only two of us. 

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