Sunday, March 10, 2013

Very Little Ado About Sunday

Good day. Long walk with some friends of ours and the dog, wandering all over the landscape around our house. I love where we live; it's nice to be so close to everything and yet still be able to wander into a meadow less than half a mile from my house, and find trails through the woods, winding in and out of the Swamp Rabbit. It feels similar to where we lived at our last place in Illinois, where we were at the edge of town right off the fields. Relaxing, but I still get delivery food if I want it. And I do. I do want it.

Delivery food never ceases to be a novelty.

Well, I imagine it will cease to be a novelty eventually. Right now I am still a giggly child at the idea of someone bringing food to me. If they put in a delivery Starbucks down the road, Jason would have to take my debit card away.

We had lunch at Moe's, which is basically the best way to completely undo any good your exercise for the day has done you. Well, that and the kale-and-ramen soup I'm having for dinner. Or maybe the giant iced latte I had halfway through the walk. Any one of those things, really.

I've been fighting a sore throat off and on for the last week or so. It never gets bad enough to actually impede my ability to function or anything, but I've been drinking hot tea basically nonstop today, and will probably continue to do so long into the night. I think my next 5 Things list will be my favorite teas we own, because man am I making a study of them today.

Doing my best to fight it off; I have a work conference out of town for a few days this week, and I'd hate to be under the weather in any serious way while I'm there.

Daylight Savings Time is seriously painful, isn't it? This morning when my alarm went off, I just stared at it, bleary. This can't be right. I considered the thought that perhaps I had managed to mistake "7 AM" for "4 AM" when setting it; I was that exhausted. Cutting off that last hour of sleep is apparently a Serious Thing for my brain.

Time to spend a week being fatigued, yay!

On the other hand, spring is here. Flowers are starting to bloom, the grass is turning green, today was more than warm enough for shorts. I was able to spend a good chunk of it outside really enjoying things, which definitely made for a great Sunday.

Especially since I even got to see a baby snake up close and personal today. He went slithering out onto the Swamp Rabbit Trail while we were walking, and we were a little worried he'd get run over or stepped on.

So, Lauren carefully moved him into the leaves and grass where he could hide and sent him on his way.

One cannot say we are not friend to all animals!

... even the slithery ones.


  1. We ate our supper at Moe's tonight!

  2. Is that a copperhead?

  3. Anonymous:

    No, most likely just one of the harmless look-a-likes like a milk snake or corn snake. His head wasn't very triangular/diamond shaped (dead giveaway), and baby copperheads usually have yellow on the ends of their tails, and he didn't. He also had I think too much in the way of dark patches on his head; coppyheads tend to have plainer scales up top.


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