Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tomboy Style, of a Sort: Now There are TWO Foxes

If I'm going to keep doing outfit posts, I suppose I should come up with some sort of label for them. We're going with Tomboy Style, of a Sort. Because I'm not sure it's style, but I am definitely a tomboy. One out of two ain't bad, right?

And yes, these are all pictures I took of myself. Turns out that's just the way things are when you have no tripod and your camera's timer is... shady.

 The shirt we are showing off today is the last of my birthday presents off of etsy; it arrived while I was gone on my work trip. This one I ordered from Lisa Higuchi's dandyrions shop. This is what I found when I opened the package:

A helpful caretaking note from Lisa letting me know how to care for my new shirt.

Here's why the shirt needs special caretaking;

Because it has a fox. And the world is grand and delightful because it does.

We were going to Barnes & Noble to see some friends of ours for a book club meeting, so I thought... why not?

Why not, indeed.

The stitching is high quality. The fox is made of felt, so obviously the shirt is a hand-wash only deal, but I think I can learn to live with it if it means I get to wear a fox all the time.

The only issue is entirely my own and nothing to do with the shirt itself; I have to wear a tank top or just some kind of layering shirt underneath, otherwise I'm pretty sure I would be arrested for indecent exposure.Which makes for a good story, I guess, but I'd like to stay on this side of jail if it's okay with my blog readers.

I'm pretty sure you are not allowed to wear fabulous foxes in jail.

Don't quote me on that, though; I've never actually checked.

My best attempt at 'fashion blogger' face. I'm not sure I look pensive enough.

The orange jacket up there, my jeans and the tank top are from Old Navy, shoes are from Walmart (don't judge me, they are like six years old and still goin' strong), the necklace is something Jason bought me up at the Apple Festival a while back, bracelets are from Macy's believe it or not, purse is from Ameribags, the scarf is from a place in Greenwood called Uptown Pizzazz, and the shirt, of course, is from dandyrions.


Usually like three-fourths of my outfit is from Target or JCP and that paragraph is a lot shorter.

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