Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday's Steps

I went here today.

Well, not really. I went somewhere just below there.

One of my resolutions for 2013 was "move", which basically meant just about anything. The only important thing is that I need to just get out and do active things more, be less sedentary, so my friend Lauren and I have decided to start doing something active together every Sunday.

Last Sunday was the walk in Travelers Rest (and the aforementioned sunburn that followed). Today, we went up to Table Rock State Park and hiked the Carrick Creek trail with Indy. Indy was thrilled and basically pulled Lauren up the trail and me down the other side (we traded off leash-holding, since while Indy is still a puppy thirty-four pounds of dog pulling you down precariously balanced rocks is still an... exciting proposition.)

It's a good trail! It's about a mile and a half long, and you climb about 200 feet over the course of it. Granted, much of that climb seems to only be in two spots, but it was still really cool. There's a couple of spots where you rock-hop across the creek.

Which Indy, despite having water-dog ancestry, wasn't super thrilled with. I think the water was just too cold.

Lauren and Indy, when I tried to get him to pose. You can actually see his "what are you waiting for, let's go smell over here!" expression. He had it the entire time.

We came back, and had lunch with my friend Sarah at Everyday Organic, which has become sort of my new favorite place to eat? I think because I can tell myself I am eating delicious healthy foods. And then follow those delicious healthy foods up with a cookie.

Also I drank too much coffee and it was great.

And we talked about baby stuff (Sarah is very pregnant) until Lauren had begun to consider perhaps just not having kids because there is a lot of crazy stuff that goes with being pregnant. 

Now I am home, chilling before dinner. Last night we had a smallish get-together for my birthday. There was delicious cake (yay Sarah and her baking superpowers!) delicious pie (yay Sherrie and her baking superpowers!), cheese and wine, guacamole, a Spanish tortilla that was the best dinner and breakfast ever, and... lots of other stuff. Oh! cookies. Nom cookies.

So that was awesome.

But I didn't get much sleep and it is definitely a chillin' with a blanket and a book kinda night.

Also a snuggly puppy.

The snuggly husband is snuggly all the time. I'm not kidding when I say it's a good thing no one sees how adorable we are when we're hanging out in the house, because no one would be able to stand us.

Oh! And here is part 2 of my birthday present, sittin' on a bookshelf bein' cool.

Now I'm eatin' leftover-barbecue tacos for dinner and generally all is well with my world.

What are you up to?

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