Monday, March 11, 2013

Hot Toddy

Well, the sore throat's gone. It left a bunch of angry little germs in my sinuses, though, so I'm still sniffly as a kid denied a candy bar.

I've also had my body weight in tea today as well, so at least I'm not dehydrated? I've got that goin' for me.

Because I am still feeling so delightfully mushed up inside, I am doing two things that are guaranteed to make me feel better; we're having soup and cornbread for dinner, and I'm having a hot toddy for dessert.

Using this.

While downtown today, I stopped over at the Dark Corner Distillery to see if they had any of Batch 3 left on their Lewis Redmond bourbon. Jason and I have been watching it and debating picking it up since the debut of the first batch. Since at this point the only thing they make we haven't owned or at least had drinks made with is the absinthe, you might say we're Dark Corner fans. Seems kinda natural to add to the collection, right?

Totally natural.

I swung in today and got one of the last five bottles of the third batch.

I'm not sure what it says, though, that when I wandered into the store, the guy remembered me from previous visits. Even though it's probably been since just before Christmas since we made it inside.

Does that mean we visit too much? Own too much moonshine?

Is there any such thing?

I sampled some before I committed to buy, and it's definitely some good bourbon. Smooth enough to sip, and I got a lot of vanilla in the taste. Normally I'd drink it straight or with the barest bit of ice, but I had a different idea today.

The perfect drink for when you're feeling under the weather; a hot toddy! Good for what ails you, or so those old wives say, but make sure you've had plenty of water, because it does dehydrate.

Hot Toddy

What You Need:
 6 ounces water
1 - 2 oz bourbon
honey, to taste
1/4 tsp lemon juice or more, to taste
Save the lemon slice for garnish 
Cinnamon stick, roughly 1 inch

Onto the Creation!
 Easiest thing in the world:

Pour lemon juice, honey, and bourbon in a mug. Heat water until boiling.  Pour into the mug. Mix everything together and top with lemon slice. Drink, and feel every muscle relax. 

Excellent bourbon = excellent bourbon drinks.

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