Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

There will never be enough chances for me to use this photo.

Look at that little jaundiced preemie face. 

Twenty-seven years later...


The jaundice is gone, at least.


Now that we've shared this moment together, I'm going to go wander off and be 27. It seems to be very similar to 26, only suddenly I feel the need to tell those darn kids to turn down their rock music and get off my lawn.

Note: if you have a chance today, head over to Honey Rock Dawn and read her post In Defense of the Family Rancher. My father raised beef cattle for much of my life, and many of Shreve's points are spot-on about what family ranchers and farmers are really like. She makes a great case for the grass-fed beef movement. The post itself was written in response to people repeatedly questioning how she could raise cattle herself in such a personal way (they have names, she talks about their personalities, is very involved in calving and caretaking) and yet still run her own (brand new) grass-fed beef delivery and eat beef herself.

There's this odd misunderstanding that all people raising cattle for beef consumption in this country are heartless corporate drones. The people who think that way maybe just never met a local farmer. They certainly didn't see my father, my grandfather, or my uncle get up in the middle of the night because one of the cows was calving. They didn't see the slump of the shoulders when a calf didn't make it, or the quiet happiness when a calf whose chances were spotty made it through.

They never bottle-fed and gave names to what would become their steak.

It's a great post. Go read it. Don't make me wait.

I'm not gettin' any younger.

P.S. Did I ever tell you blog readers how I was named after a cow*?

*I totally wasn't. But I like to tell people that because my dad DID have a cow named Katie**.

**and also because my mother is going to make the best face when she reads that I put that on the internet***.

*** I am a terrible daughter and mine is an evil birthday laugh****.

**** I love you Mom.


  1. Happy birthday! Oh, and don't worry about the urge to act old and grumpy, it's perfectly natural. I'm sure your zimmer frame is on it's way in the mail.

  2. I didn't disappoint...I made a face! You were NOT named after Katie the cow...(but you DID come after her)!

    Happy Birthday, jaundiced preemie surprise child!

  3. Kellie: Thanks for the birthday wishes, haha. I was old and grumpy long before I was this age. Apparently it is a natural state for me.

    Mom: Suuuuuure I wasn't. That's just what you tell me NOW.


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