Monday, March 25, 2013

Curry, Crock Pots, and Clouds

I always make these grand cleanliness plans for myself. I go to bed Sunday night thinking, "Tomorrow I will clean the kitchen AND the bathroom AND do laundry!"

I fall asleep full of confidence.

I wake up the next morning, squint blearily at the mess that comes with living, and then shrug and go have a cup of coffee on the couch with the dog dozing at my side and the cat resting against the back of my neck.

This is one of the grand joys of adulthood, though we spend more time feeling guilty than really enjoying it; as an adult, there is no one to tell me I must clean anything. If I want to put it off, I am perfectly welcome to do so.

Of course, there is also the big downside to adulthood; if I (or Jason) don't clean it up... no one will.

So eventually I was able to rouse myself enough to grab some groceries, run the dishwasher, clean a single counter top, and at least get the dog's bedding through the wash. And a walk! I went for a long walk and coffee with a friend.

I also made dinner:

And a grand piece of crock pot majesty it was. It's Curried Lentils With Chicken and Potatoes out of Real Simple's March Issue, only instead of lentils I used a bag of dried split peas we've had sitting around forever. It was lovely and delicious and warm and perfect for how chilly it's been since mid-afternoon.

I spent maybe fifteen minutes putting it together at 11:30 and then ignored it until 6:15. Crock pots are proof of mankind's genius.

Crock pots and green tea ice cream.

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