Thursday, February 14, 2013

Well, then.

Obviously I haven't been much for blogging this week. I could say that we've simply been too busy, and that would be true for specific times, but not really across the board.

Mostly, just haven't felt much like it.

This week:

1. Indy got his final puppy booster, which made him feel gross. He spent part of the afternoon lazing around staring sadly at me.

2. I forgot to come home for lunch on Tuesday - Jason spent last week home from work, so he was taking care of him and when we started the new week it just... slipped my mind. I raced home at the end of the day as fast as I could, to find Indy perfectly fine (and dry!), but anxious and surrounded by puffballs of the stuffing from the inside of two of his toys.

3. He did not eat that stuffing. We are calling this good.

4. Jason has a new job! I've been holding off on telling anyone. I wasn't exactly sworn to secrecy, but it was suggested I wait until he'd actually started said job to tell anyone. He escaped from the Boss of Comically Villainous Proportions and is now working elsewhere. This is very exciting.

5. We are very excited.

6. Indy is very much a puppy teenager. He is... testing me. But he's still adorable, so it all evens out.

7. The cat's pretty cool, too.

8. I have so many paint chips it's... terrifying. I've basically planned out every room in the house except the guest bedroom and the spare room. Now we just need to get the motivation to get back to work on painting!

9. The dog makes adorable snuffle-noises in his sleep. Currently, he is hunting something in his dreams. I hope not the cat.

10. This may be the only blog post this week, unless I rock something out tomorrow or Saturday. I may just take my weekend break a touch early. You never know with me, though. I may wear or do or say something ridiculous enough that I feel the whole wide internet needs to be aware of it.

11. I don't have anything for this line. I just didn't want to stop at 10.

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