Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sleepy Puppy

This is what our dog is doing right now. Indy is just crashed out completely.

It's gorgeous outside; in the perfect middle-to-high sixties. T-shirt weather, and sunny, just the occasional fluffy cloud. Every time it rains for five days straight, I remind myself  that the fact that days like today happen in February in South Carolina really make up for all that wet.

While I haven't felt social at all all weekend, I had made plans with a friend of mine for this morning and it was way too gorgeous a day to sit in my house and be a grump. I could manage that during the last two days of constant gray drizzle, where my mood at least kind of matched the weather, but today?

Today, I felt the need to see if some sunshine couldn't knock me out of my grouching.

We took Indy, drove up to Travelers' Rest, just to the northern edge of the Swamp Rabbit Trail, parked the car and then walked back in to Sunrift Adventures' parking lot, where we met up with the aforementioned friend Lauren (go! Read her blog and then leave comments so she'll blog more because she's le awesome!), her husband Cory, our buddy Sirch, and wherein the dog tried to jump on all of them at once.

We walked back up the parking area our car was in, back into town to the Forest Coffeehouse where we ended up stopping for lunch (and an awesome Snow Leopard Latte - macadamia nut, white chocolate, and caramel flavors? Ooooh I am in for that, my friends. How I am in for that.)

Cory and Jason had burgers, Lauren and I had red pepper soup and a grilled-cheese sandwich combo, Sirch had a smoothie because he'd eaten just before the walk.

We wandered back over to Sunrift so Cory, Lauren, and Sirch could grab their bikes to continue their ride over to Furman, and Jason and I would split off, walk back to our car and head home. Lauren and I decided to... you know... just peek into Sunrift first. Just see what they have for sale. You know, no biggie.

Lauren walked out with a new pair of socks, I walked out with a new shirt.

Because we are weak, weak people.

Indy was really dragging by the time we got back to the parking area. He walked more today than he ever has before, and he was pretty much completely pooped. The very first he did when we got home was curl up on the couch and go to sleep, and he hasn't moved since.

The cat is also out enjoying the day. We opened the back door when we came home and she's been popping in and out. She naps outside for a while, decides that's getting boring and comes inside and naps there.

Hers is a thrilling, dramatic life.

Also, there's a new distillery that's going to open soon in TR called Copperhead Mountain. I am intrigued. Between that and Quest Brewing opening soon in Greenville (their stuff is already starting to pop up at local beer events and places like Barley's), my love for all things Dark Corner, and Thomas Creek already being a staple beer for us, it looks like I can just drink locally made alcohol in perfect happiness for the rest of my life.


And no, we never did get any house painting done. We decided to go enjoy the sunshine instead.

Darn it.

We're bad at being adults, aren't we?

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