Saturday, February 23, 2013

Reasons I'm Not a Fashion Blogger #59565354

And yet I just keep posting outfits.

This is actually from Thursday, but it seems cheerful and spring-ish. Or at least as close as I'm gonna get in February when it's still cold outside in the mornings.

Tonight, the plan is to get the trim in our living room wiped completely clean and then taped off with painter's tape, because tomorrow we are going to paint the rest of the walls or die trying.

Well, not really the last part.

I'm willing to go with, "paint the walls or be slightly annoyed and inconvenienced later when we have to do it anyway."

I just like these shoes. Clearance shopping on target's website has yielded some really good finds.

Cardigan, shirt, and shoes: Target. Khakis: I have no idea, they are ridiculously old. Bag: Came for free with a magazine subscription. Horse pendant necklace: Fiore Boutique Long necklace: No idea, my grandmother gave it to me out of her jewelry box a few years ago. Thanks, Grandma Swearingen!

So... this is pretty much where I stand on "florals". Although normally I wear it with jeans instead of khakis and my yellow moccasins. But that's mostly because I live in blue jeans. And also I felt like if every outfit that shows up here involves moccasins, you might get the idea that they're all I wear.

And that's not true.

Occasionally, I wear something else. Very occasionally.

The shirt is actually really pretty; it's more a boatneck than it looks like under this cardigan, with slightly gathered sleeves that have ties that you tie in a bow, and then a banded bottom hem.

So there you go; today's edition of Insanely Colorful Tomboy Clothes.

I hope you enjoyed it.

I'll try to come up with some kind of amusing anecdote about my life, I promise.

Wait! I think I have a photo of my dog somewhere! You haven't seen enough of those yet, right?


Problem solved.



    just kidding :)

    I like the florals A LOT. I don't really have a lot of florals, but I do want a scarf in a pattern similar to your shirt. since you now fashion blog, please find me one. thanks.

  2. Ahahaha I like fashion blogs! When they're run by people who are not me, heh.

    If I was able to find a scarf with this pattern? It'd be a serious constant wear. Even the shirt was kind of a lucky find, since it was final clearance on Target's website and not carried in any Target store anywhere near me.

  3. Hey just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement on staying "out of the box!" Regardless of what type of bloggers we might be, It's good to know others out there that get the importance of sharing all the many fun facets of our life.

    Also, your grandmother has excellent taste, that necklace is really beautiful!

  4. My grandmother's jewelry boxes are little pieces of heaven, seriously. I used to sneak in to the spare bedroom she kept them in just to open them and look at what was inside. A few years ago she decided to empty some of her clutter and I was definitely excited; I have a pretty silver bracelet out of there, too.

    And no problem; I am always there to support not putting oneself in a box! I think bloggers trying too hard to fit a specific 'niche' can really stifle creativity sometimes.

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