Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reason #87658 I Am Not a Fashion Blogger






Scarf- handmade gift from my friend Jessi. Sweater/tank top - JCPenney. Bracelet - made by an artist back in IL; bought it at a craft fair at SIUC years and years ago. Jeans - Old Navy. Necklace - from a local artist; bought it out of the shop I work at. Moccasins - Target. Bag - came with a subscription to a magazine. Socks - SmartWool (which... they pretty much all are, now.)

How's that for budget fashion?

This Week's Reason:
... because this is about as close as I get to "fashion", by which I mean I managed to put on clothes that vaguely go together while still looking like your insane fourth-grade art teacher.

Who I hope you loved, since that's kind of the look I'm going for here.

I am fighting a headache that is becoming a migraine, which made work an... interesting place to be today. Although shortly before the end of the workday, it snowed for a while! It didn't last or stick or anything, but the simple reality of snow is enough to put some magic in the air, right?

My plans for the evening involve a short lie-down in a dark room while listening to last week's Prairie Home Companion, then sorting through boxes and boxes of things we moved with us from the apartment, but which I don't think we've ever actually used.

Some things have been in those boxes since Illinois.

Goodwill is going to love me.

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