Monday, February 4, 2013

My Wall's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Okay, that isn't true. I don't even have any sunglasses.

One thing that we never really got around to doing after we bought the house was any real work on it. We built Jason his workshop out back, sure, but that wasn't in the house. We've had plans for a while now for some serious  stuff we'd like to do to change up the living room, but... somehow, it just never quite happened.

Today, while we were at Home Depot, I told Jason that I felt like we'd just kept living as apartment dwellers; hanging stuff on the wall or buying new bookshelves, but not actually doing anything permanent. The last time I painted a wall in a house I lived in, I was 17 and my friends and I celebrated my brand new acquisition of my sister's (much larger) old bedroom by painting it a surprisingly dark purple.

And eating lots of pizza. We also ate our weight in pizza.

But Jason and I have never lived in a house that was ours until we bought this one back in August. Which, incidentally, is how far back I had to go in my photo files before I found a photo I had taken that even remotely shows the wall in the living room we painted today.

Because we are tired of beige.

We only painted the one wall today; the rest comes later. And, well, obviously this color isn't going to be on all four walls. Which you will totally understand me saying once I put up the photo of the color itself.

The thing is, we did live in apartment complexes that let you paint, as long as you repainted before you left. But we just never felt like doing it; the apartment served a purpose, but it wasn't ours. It was someone else's place we were paying to live in. This house is ours.

Which I just never get tired of saying, by the way? Home ownership rocks.

Except for taxes.

The wall painting is Phase One. Then comes building. Then comes rearranging my entire living room to fit what we're going to build. Then comes the time when there is much rejoicing.

Here's the thing, though; I don't do this painting thing halfway. I'm not just going to paint my living a slightly different shade of beige.

Oooooh no.

In this house our accent wall is named after volcanoes.

Because we are just that awesome.

Here's the problem, though; we've painted one wall, have three more and the trim to go. And I already know what color I want the kitchen to be as soon as we finish the living room, and I've already decided how I want to fix up our bathroom and I've got paint chips picked out for the bedroom...

So... many... paint... chips...

Send help.


  1. Is that ORANGE??? Whoa! But, if the building plans come through, then the color will be your face! Awesome!

  2. It doesn't photograph super well, but it's technically a really super bright slightly clay-like red. But it looks orange in every photo so far. And it looks suuuuper orange when wet.

  3. I just said super three times in one comment. Wow.

  4. I was thinking you wanted to do red then I saw orange...wasn't sure if you changed your mind or it just didn't photograph well.

  5. Talk about a huge change, and this isn't even the final reveal yet! The vibrant wall color looks great and serves as a nice accent. How does the finished living room look?


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