Friday, February 15, 2013

In 19 Days, I Will be 27

This causes me some worry, as I am still having some trouble figuring out just how I became 26 in the first place. Does that seem odd to anyone else?



Fair enough.

Here is what I did today; I worked, I played fetch with the dog, I caught the dog digging, I made the dog do tricks, I am re-reading one of my favorite book series, I wrote three pages of something entirely unrelated to anything else I've been trying to work on because my brain hates me, I drank hot chocolate from a mix I made with my family over Christmas break.

Truly, mine is a thrilling life.

I'm going to go hang out on the couch with Jason and drink more hot chocolate. And watch old episodes of South Park on Netflix, because I am classy.

In return for you patiently reading this, I have a gift for you:

This is the dog, flush with victory. That toy in his mouth used to have a duck's head and a tail. Now it is just a dismembered canvas torso with sad little ragged wings.

Even those, I think, won't last him much longer.

Poor dismembered canvas duck torso.

In other news, you should all read as much as possible about the meteor over Russia. And keep in mind things like this happen more often than we really think about.

And then you should go give money to NASA.

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