Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Freaking Valentine's Day

You want to know something funny? I had a second post all set up. As soon as I posted the other one, I felt like my lack of Valentine's Day cheer was failing you guys. 

I had gone through my roll of blogs I read for the morning. They are full of chirping, syrupy wishes for Valentine's Day. Bloggers are wearing hearts on their sleeves, quite literally, or on their knees or their shirts or in the color of their red velvet pancakes. They have lined up their pinks and reds together for a special V-Day post of their favorite Valentine's-y things.

Those who aren't wearing hearts are still ensuring they wear some bright and happy red for the occasion. Nice, dressy clothing, or they are talking about their date nights they have planned with their significant others.

Meanwhile, I was at the time still wearing my pajamas. At 9:30 AM.

I'd had one cup of coffee, which I can certainly tell you does not in any way make me chirpy. Although it does make me less snarly.

Then I discovered around 10:15, as I was getting dressed for work, that I had missed several calls, mostly from a number I didn't know, a couple from my mother-in-law. Jason was in a minor car accident this morning; no injuries. He was rear-ended by a guy, which forced him to smush into the back of another guy. This had happened around 7:45 in the morning. Since he didn't have his cell phone with him, he borrowed the phone of one of the guys involved. I was called several times. I did not get those calls, because I keep my volume off at work and tend to forget to turn it back on at night.

So, while I will tell you right here and now that Jason's voicemail assured me he was just fine and had even gone to work, I proceeded to freak completely out.

First, I called the mysterious number, wherein the guy whose phone Jason had borrowed answered, happily and helpfully let me know some details of the situation, and told me he was sure Jason had made it to work by now and wished me a Happy Valentine's Day.

Then, I called my mother-in-law, whose calls it turns out were completely unrelated. In a shining moment of the women in Jason's life showing solidarity in our neuroses, she had the exact same need I did to go over there and see his face after having heard he was in an accident. Even knowing he was okay. She even gave me a call after she'd spoken to him to let me know about having seen his totally-completely-and-entirely-okay face. 

I ended up taking the day off work so I could have the time to deal with all the Happy Fun Car Insurance Funtimes (which took a whole lot longer than I had thought they would, honestly), and also because I was a mess for an hour or so, and then fine for a while, and then a mess again for an hour or so, and then fine again. Which I was completely aware was going to happen (this ain't my first anxiety-rodeo) and felt absolutely no need to inflict on either my coworkers or any visitors.

Thank God for sick leave to spare my coworkers what I'm like after realizing that there was almost three hours of time in which Jason could have been seriously injured and frantically trying to get ahold of me while I squinted at Facebook, oblivious. In which I could have been missing calls from police or ambulance people and not him.

I mean, I have nightmares about that scenario.

So... right.

'Cranky' does not even begin to cover it. Really, if I could have dug a hole in the backyard and just spent the whole day in there, that probably would have been better for everyone involved.

In any case, due to my guilt over not giving anyone a nice Valentine's Day post to read, I went out just after the original post this morning with the camera and tried to find something before the frost all melted with the sun.


Here's a heart I found for you.

Happy freaking Valentine's Day.

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  1. Oh, holy Hell! I'm glad Jason is ok! That would happen to me, too, because I turn my phone down for work and forget all about it when I'm home!


    It's always something, isn't it???


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